Spectrum Management

Working Groups


The purpose of the Spectrum Management Working Group (SMWG) is to assess operators' business needs with respect to spectrum and spectrum allocation processes across regional markets, and to take, or reiterate, industry positions through spectrum consultations. Specific issues falling under the work scope of SMWG may include:

  • Policy, Plan & Map
  • Usage allocation
  • 4G spectrum allocations
  • 5G spectrum allocations
  • Spectrum pricing practices
  • License renewals
  • WRC-15 implementation
  • WRC-19 preparation
  • Spectrum Sharing


To become the Council's knowledge-support arm on WRC-15 implementation and preparatory work for WRC-19, ensuring accordance with messages being developed by likeminded organizations and consistency in advocacy efforts, and to define how the Council will collaborate with other advocacy bodies and spectrum groups in the region.


Open to members from within the SAMENA Council membership and new members can join. Participants should be senior within their organizations, carrying titles of “Head of / Director” at minimum.

SAMENA Council Management Team


The SMWG will utilize existing industry intellectual output on the Spectrum Management theme and make recommendations on relevant advocacy positions, reiterating specific messages aligned with other industry bodies. The group will conduct and help drive spectrum discussions and advocacy efforts in view of WRC-19. The SMWG has the authority to react to industry developments and regulatory activities on behalf of the membership of SAMENA Council by issuing public statements. The SMWG can also decide on its collaborative engagement with Arab Spectrum Management Group and other such bodies, regionally or globally.

Governance Model

  • 1

    The SMWG will sustain and monitor its own performance, overseeing all activities falling within this specific theme/priority.

  • 2

    The SMWG will assess all issues that fall in the domain of Spectrum Management, and issue its recommendations and positions, supporting SAMENA Council's strategic direction and ICT policy development needs.

  • 3

    It will achieve this with the internal participation of its members and externally, if and as applicable at its own discretion.

  • 4

    It will report its work directly to the Board of Directors for approvals and final direction.

  • 5

    The SMWG will also issue its recommendations to the CEO in the fulfillment of advocacy priorities relating to its themes.

  • 6

    The SMWG will also use existing work done by SAMENA Council on the subject of spectrum, particularly the Council's positions on various spectrum bands and WRC related advocacy/lobby work in the past, and issue responses to spectrum consultations.


The Board of Directors agreed not to appoint a WG Chairman. Instead, all Working Group Members have same-level standing within the Working Groups. SAMENA Council will coordinate and drive the activities of the Working Group as the Working Group Councilor, who will also be responsible to present to the Board of Directors of SAMENA Council the progress and the outcomes of the Working Group.

Meeting Schedule

The SMWG will conduct its communication activity via live meetings or teleconferencing, with a total of no less than four (4) meetings per year. The proposed meetings will be held quarterly. The schedule of meetings will be closely aligned with SAMENA Council and other key events to provide the opportunity to pick up on issues and outcomes of these events.

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