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Board Members
Telecom operator companies only can represent by their authorized top-management professionals only is to exercise judgment and act in ways in what they reasonably believe to be in the best interest of SAMENA Council and its operator member community. Board in empowering SAMENA Council to conduct its advocacy work in the most efficient, predictable, sustainable, and effective manner possible.
Operators and Service Providers
Operator Full Membership is open to any telecommunications network operator which is serving in the SAMENA Region and beyond and which has not participated as a Founding Full Member in the incorporation of the Association.
Suppplier Membership
Supplier Membership is open to any legal entity which is, as a main business activity, active as a manufacturer, vendor or service supplier in the Information and Communications Technology sector in the SAMENA Region and beyond. Only legal entities which cannot be qualified as Founding Full Members or Operator Full Members are eligible for Supplier Membership.
Associate Membership
Associated Membership is open to any natural person, association, limited liability company, corporation or any other legal entity in its own or in any representative capacity, including consultants, firms, non-governmental institutions and others which are active in the ICT sector without being eligible for Founding Full Membership, Operator Full Membership or Supplier Membership and which provide funding, guidance and/or assistance to the Association and/or its Members.

Membership Benefits

Operators & Service
Provider Members


An all-CEO Board Membership (entitlement to be elected into the Board) - -
Opportunity to lead in working groups By Special Invitation
CEO / chairman attendance and participation in Leaders Summit By Special Invitation By Special Invitation

Executive Networking

Privileged interactions with stakeholders from Public and Private sectors

Branding & Marketing

Brand message and brand integrity management with targeted content
Publication of press releases
Promotion of white papers
Publication of success-story profiles -
Social Media campaign development
Targeted product / service campaigns -
Tailored Share Practice Program based on emailed tips, best practices -
Brand visibility through product / technology / solution deployment scena -
Special email blasts / bulletins on matters specified by the member
Collaboration and sponsorship opportunities with ITU

Business Intelligence

Industry focused projects or studies
Scheduled news briefings and regional development snapshots
Special daily news delivery on specified industry news and development -
Follow-up situation analysis on select industry developments -
Facility of research service on technology / business areas of choice -
Assistance in pooling prospect lists of partners and clients -
Assistance in generating business leads -
Developing, launching, and reporting on survey results and analysis
Leadership in televised Think-Tank Talk Program (as applicable)

Personalized Membership Value Management

Discount on exhibition space -
Travel scheduling support for all SAMENA Council events -
Discounted fees for all SAMENA Council sanctioned events -
Booth space priority at all SAMENA Council events
Strategic placement of sales materials and corporate literature
Members Briefcase – personalized record of value provided to members
Guaranteed speaking opportunities in the Preferred Speakers Program
Cross-stakeholder direct advocacy and network/business priority management - -