Dr. Nasser Marafih

Group CEO, Ooredoo

“Our industry faces a number of key challenges and opportunities, and the SAMENA Leaders Summit plays an important role in bringing operators, regulators and key stakeholders together to discuss these issues and share ideas about the future. We believe that telecommunications plays a key role in enriching people's lives, and the Summit has always stimulated dialogue about the best ways to maximise our impact.”

Mr. Hani Al Mojel

Executive GM, Mobily

“The wide range of participation of telecom industry players in the Summit, created a helpful platform for meaningful discussion leading to pragmatic solutions to existing obstacles, and facilitated reaching the desired objective towards developing the telecom industry in the region.”

Dr. Syed Ismail Shah

Chairman, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority

“I found the SAMENA Telecom Leaders Summit 2015 to be an excellent opportunity for networking. The presentation, panel discussions and subsequent discussions were very useful. These discussions not only focused on the current issues but provided a glimpse of what the future of ICT looks like, highlighting the latest technology trends and the related opportunities.”

Mr. Jean-Francois Thomas

Chief Executive Officer, Orange Jordan

“The SAMENA Leaders Summit provides a unique platform for industry leaders in the region and beyond to share their views on where the industry is headed, be it on a global scale or a more specific regional level. To me personally, it has always been a pleasant change from my daily management routine, offering me an open and dynamic setting to share ideas with my peers and re-examine the bigger picture. For that, I am grateful to the organization and the impressive team that makes it all possible.”

Mr. Karim Khoja

Chief Executive Officer, Roshan Telecom

“Great Networking Event and addressing relevant issue that all MNOs are facing today. More emphasis needs to be paid on lobbying the regulations to level the playing field for OTT and non telco providers.”

Mr. Erik Almqvist

Partner, Head of Dubai and Global Head of Operational Consulting

“The SAMENA Leaders Summit is the natural meeting place for the region’s most senior telecom executives – the 2015 edition was well organized, as always.”

Mr. Jamal Al Jarwan

Secretary General International Investors Council, Ministry of Economy

“SAMENA provide value add to the telecommunication industry in the region, in fact the region need such a platform to meet and exchange views.”

Mr. Ihab Ghattas

Assistant President of Middle East, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. UAE

“Bringing the power of broadband to more societies around the globe has helped nations to improve efficiencies and transform local industries. The Telecom Leaders' Summit is an exceptional platform for all ICT stakeholders to visualize new opportunities in this digital economy, while at the same time establishing new channels for cross-sector innovation. The Summit’s ambitious agenda is underscored by a shared enthusiasm among regional governments, operators, vendors, and other industry players coming together in the spirit of collaboration. Together we are enabling more people to participate in—and benefit from—A Better Connected World.”

Dr. Khaled Biyari

Group CEO, STC

"The SAMENA Leaders' Summit was created to act as a platform for the dialogue among all the stakeholders of our Telecom industry in the SAMENA region. We were honored this year to have with us prominent industry figures such as His Excellency the ITU Secretary General, a number of Heads of Regulatory organizations, CEO’s of major operators in the region, and different experts from around the globe. The Summit created strong atmosphere of collaboration and engagement among the stakeholders through the different public and private sessions that discussed major issues facing the industry. We are hopeful that this will set us for further success in the future."

Scott Gegenheimer

Group CEO, Zain Group

"The SAMENA Leaders’ Summit provides a unique platform for telecom industry stakeholders (operators, regulators, vendors and other advocacy bodies) in the region to share their collective views on the strategic direction of the industry - against the backdrop of macroeconomic pressures, highly competitive markets, digital transformation and innovation. I have found the sessions to be both instructive and insightful, enriched through impactful presentations and discussions on a variety of topics ranging from the need for greater industry-wide collaboration to objective views on regulation to address the convergence of telecoms, media and digital services as well as forward-looking areas such as IoT. I am grateful to the SAMENA organization and its impressive team that has made it all possible.”

Eng. Salman Bin Abdul Aziz Al-Badran

CEO, Viva Kuwait

“The SAMENA Leaders' Summit in my opinion is an excellent opportunity for the telecom leaders in the region to share their experiences in order to increase their competitive edge and achieve further growth and success. I believe that such energetic events and gatherings prepare concerned key persons in facing different challenges in the industry.”

H.E. Dr. Hamad Al-Rawahi

Executive President, TRA Oman

"The round table discussion among the policy makers, regulators and operators provided the right ambience and was an excellent opportunity to discuss the current situation arising out of technological advancements / changes in the ICT sector. It was indeed heartening and fulfilling to participate in the proceedings where the focus was the ‘consumer’ and proposals of service offerings and programs revolved around the vital stakeholder. The regulators imbibed and took note of the flexible approach in the rules and procedures sought by the sector members to pursue innovation in new applications and platforms as well as convergence of service offerings. I was particularly impressed with the ‘service orientation’ that emerged as the common theme to approach the emerging policies and regulatory practices in the ICT sector. I wish and expect that the close coordination and exchange of ideas like the one we had during the Leaders' Summit among the sector members to continue to shape the policies and regulations that would facilitate the sustained growth of the ICT sector for the benefit of the consumers."

Erik Almqvist

Managing Director and Head of the Middle East, Goetzpartners

"The SAMENA Council has a longstanding reputation for arranging the most exclusive and senior top leadership conferences for the telecommunications industry in the Middle East, and the 2016 event was arguably the best in its ten year history. My hats off to the SAMENA Council and Mr. Bocar, very well done indeed in arranging this exceptional event."

Dr. Hamadoun I. Touré

Executive Director, Smart Africa

"Thanks for inviting me to the 10th anniversary of SAMENA Council. The event was another landmark opportunity for all the ICT stakeholders in the region and the rest of the world to get together, celebrate the successful past and make plans for the future that rests on ICT development. I congratulate you for a superb organization and perfect delivery. SAMENA Council has established itself as the Leader in the ICT industry that will usher the whole region into the 4th Industrial Revolution."

Thomas W. Wilson III

CEO / Co-Founder, Teralight Gateway Holdings Inc.

"Regional technology and policy support institutions such as SAMENA Council create awareness of the impacting issues effecting stakeholders in the ICT and Telecoms sector. The ICT and Telecom sector is facing many challenges which, if not addressed appropriately, can greatly alter the productive efficiency value of all industry stakeholders in the business ecosystem and social economic environment. The greater SAMENA region has a unique footprint with regard to developing opportunity and it is bodies such as SAMENA that are able to positively impact the active ecosystem in that region. The SAMENA region, including Africa must adapt quickly regarding changes in technology and operational efficiencies, given the aggressive nature of opposition forces within the regional booming mobile usage of broadband via Smartphone device in the market.

The dilemma facing SAMENA members and other industry stakeholders is to either stay in place with existing legacy infrastructure or to bet on the changing landscape which yields quickly into the unknown specter of the future, where non-traditional operators and service providers challenge the status quo of operators and governments in the region at an ever quickening pace. Those that do not adapt to the ever changing broadband driven environment will surely be left behind.

SAMENA Council can be and should be the vehicle of choice for voicing concerns in the operating environment and developing value-add partnerships with investment providers, operators, governmental policy and regulatory institutions and leadership, as well as leading technology suppliers to take membership into the future with a greater handle on the choices available. The sky is the limit. SAMENA’s start was very humble. However, through its leadership of its Board and its membership, SAMENA Council has sealed its status as a premier, reliable regional source of information, knowledge sharing and industry collaboration for all stakeholders in the ICT and Telecoms industry."


Chairman of SAMENA Council (2011/2013)

"I congratulate SAMENA Council on the 10th anniversary and thanks for the kind gesture of recognizing the previous chairmen. The presence of many top level delegates from operators as well as regulatory authorities, as well as the head of the ITU, reflect on the importance of the Leaders' Summit. I wish SAMENA Council continued success in achieving its objectives."

Samer Bazyan

Regional Director of the Middle East, Yahsat

“It was an honor to attend the SAMENA Council' Leaders’ Summit 2016 as well as celebrate the Council’s 10th anniversary. As we become closer to becoming an even more connected society, it was the perfect platform to engage in enriched conversation with operators, regulators and telecom stakeholders. We discussed challenges, together with upcoming opportunities with the new high speed data networks. Overall, the Summit showcased how working collectively maximizes our industry position. I look forward to networking with the industry big players at future events of SAMENA Council. Thank you.”

Engr. Mohammed Al Ageel

Owner and CEO, Future Technology Consulting

"I have experienced the growth and the development of SAMENA Council since its creation. During my tenure as a board member of SAMENA and a CEO of BRAVO telecom; SAMENA developed a vision and a strategy to be a regional player in the development and the growth of the ICT industry in our region. Today, during the 10th anniversary and the Leaders' Summit, I am very glad to see that our vision has come to reality."

Mickael Ghossein

Senior Vice President Partners, MENAT

"The SAMENA Leaders’ Summit provides a unique platform for industry leaders in the region and beyond to share their views on where the industry is headed, a clear vision and strategy for the 2030 era, be it on a global scale or a more specific regional level. To me personally, it has always been a pleasant change from my daily management routine, offering me an open and dynamic setting to share ideas with my peers and re-examine the bigger picture. For that, I am grateful to the organization and the impressive team that makes it all possible.” Et voila. Thank you for your support. All the best."

Nic Stirk

CEO and founding partner , SLA Digital

“I thoroughly enjoyed the SAMENA Telecom Leaders’ Summit this year. As always the event was extremely well organised and there was significant opportunity for companies to network, meet new friends and potential clients. I found the experience rewarding and would recommend the Summit to other members of the SAMENA council who have not yet attended.”

Dr. İhsan KULALI

Board Member of ICTA

"The SAMENA Leaders' Summit is a unique event which brings together leaders and decision makers from the region and from the world. This year’s Summit was inspiring and informative. I have taken this chance to listen to peers and discuss current trends. Telecommunication sector is the most dynamic sector in which groundbreaking changes may happen in a second. SAMENA Leaders Summit makes possible for high level people to keep up with the pace of this sector. I thank everyone involved in the Organization for this impressive Leaders' gathering."

Dr. Akil M Alakil

Senior Executive Officer , Regulatory Affairs, Mobily

"SAMENA as organization has elevated the industry culture to a higher level by organizing this extraordinary event “SAMENA Leaders' Summit”. It gives me the opportunities to exchanged ideas, challenged some, and adopted other ideas with my peers. I am looking forward to other similar events from SAMENA Council."

Anas Abbar

Managing Director, AWI Global FZ-LLC

"Well done SAMENA. A successful conference with insights and vision of leaders in the telecom industry. A great set of sessions that helped me understand the current challenges and future opportunities for emerging markets. An excellent agenda and a great insight. Thank you SAMENA!"


Director, Cellempower

"I have attended the SAMENA 10 Years Council on 19th of May 2016. I had great expectations in terms of quality of organization, testimonial-content of the conferences and quality of attendees and delegates and networking. I have been enchanted by the overall ambiance and the quality of people I met as well as by the “smile” of the staff of SAMENA Council. I never felt or regretted to have attended. Many thanks to SAMENA Management and to the invitation they extended to me. It was an honor and I definitely recommend the same and future events of SAMENA should you wish to hear, to network and to… smile with their CEO Mr. Bocar Ba."

Dr. Georg Serentschy

Managing Partner, Serentschy

"I found the SAMENA Telecom Leaders' Summit 2016 to be an excellent opportunity for establishing and refreshing business contacts. The presentation, panel discussions and subsequent discussions in the margins of the conference were very useful. These discussions focused on the rollout of high-speed infrastructure, the role of regulators and policy makers, the role of ICT for the society and highlighting the latest technology trends and related opportunities."

Ihab Hinnawi

Group CEO, Batelco Group

"Without a doubt, the SAMENA Telecom Leaders’ Summit is a first class gathering of the key players in the region’s communications industry. It is a unique event bringing all of the major ITU, Regulatory and Telecom heads together in an open debate to discuss major issues impacting the elevation of the industry. This unmatched platform for discussion, debate and networking that facilitates knowledge sharing and learning opportunities, is of great benefit to all concerned. I found the experience very inspiring and extend grateful appreciation to the organizers for their excellent efforts to bring it all together."

Khalid Balkheyour

President & CEO, Arabsat

The SAMENA Leaders Summit 2016 provides a unique platform for industry leaders in the region for discussion and to share ideas. Panel discussions and networking were very useful. These discussions not only focused on the current issues but provided a glimpse of what the future of the telecom industry will be, highlighting the latest technology trends and the related opportunities.

Magdi Mekki Al MARDI

International Relations Director, Sudatel Telecom Group.

“I do believe that it is not an easy task to regroup all these leaders in one event! The presence of all these dignitaries reflects the importance of SAMENA and its capability to mobilize the telecom sector players. The topics are relevant and of high interest and the organization of the whole day is extremely professional. The team of SAMENA Council deserves really our respect and admiration."

Eng. Saud Aldaweesh

"I thank SAMENA Board and management For their nice gesture of inviting me and for the recognition of x-ceo and chairmen of SAMENA. Looking back in past 10 years I think SAMENA has accomplished most of the goals it was set to achieve. Some challenges facing the industry still exist and need more attention and lobbying, i.e., net neutrality. There are other new challenges in all aspects whether its the new technology such as 5G or regulatory challenges that face SAMENA members and needs to be worked on, to maintain growth and sustainable income. And the challenges of new competition and erosion of traditional Voice and data revenue. I wish you all the success."

Kamal Shehadi, PhD

Chief Legal and Regulatory Officer, Etisalat International

“SAMENA Council has gathered the operators, investors, regulators, and other stakeholders to discuss the challenges that the telecom and digital industries face at a time of great opportunities but also great challenges.”

Dr. Homoud M. Alkussayer

Vice President Wholesale Sector, STC Group

“As a founding member in 2006, STC is proud to have played an integral role over the past 10-years in evolving and transforming SAMENA into a truly relevant organization for its members and stakeholders. With its ever-increasing global influence and effectiveness in interacting and coordinating with other relevant global fora, I strongly believe that SAMENA is playing a critical role in promoting and supporting the development of Telecoms and ICT, and presenting a unified voice towards the socio-economic development of the SAMENA region.”

Rashid Al Ahmedi

Senior Director Special Projects & External Affairs,
Corporate Affairs, Du

“SAMENA has made very important and useful contributions to the industry throughout the past 10 years. It really brought a useful collaboration forum to its members and built a joint interest point of view that helped them fostering their future. We wish SAMENA very successful journey and we are looking forward as du to work closely with them to move the industry forward.”

Peter Sany

President and Chief Executive Officer, TM Forum

"The SAMENA Leaders’ Summit provides a unique platform for industry leaders in the region and beyond to connect and network to accelerate the digital business agenda. We live in a world of interconnected ecosystems – a world where entire industries are transforming beyond recognition, non-traditional approaches to business are creating a new ‘normal’, and collaboration and co-creation are essential to survival and growth. I enjoyed the SEMENA Leaders’ Summit as it enabled me to connect with my business and thought leaders in an open and dynamic setting for creative discussions and ideas exchange.”

R.M. Manivannan

Chairman, SupremeSAT

"Meeting the key telecom players, thought leaders and regulators in the same platform made my participation at the SAMENA 2016 Summit a very productive experience. As we gear ourselves for the future, led by knowledge, SAMENA is well placed to steer it through with its proven track record and leadership. Emerging from a developing nation I firmly believe that SAMENA Council is the right choice to bring nations together making the voice of the developing world heard."

Bahjat El Darwiche

Vice President, Strategy&

"SAMENA has come a long way in providing a unified voice and a collaboration forum for leading operators and service providers in the region. Having such a platform is key to supporting the development and adoption of policies, regulation, standards, business models, and collaboration initiatives that enable growth and improve efficiency in the telecommunications industry, incentivize investment and development, and broaden value creation opportunities for all ICT stakeholders in the region.”

Jawad Abbassi


""Congrats SAMENA Council on your 10th anniversary. As the conference gathered telecom leaders from across the region, it was a very important and useful platform to discuss the massive changes underway in the TMT space. Well done."

Tariq Al Awadhi

Head of MENA - Government & Regulatory Affairs,
Executive Director Spectrum Affairs,
Spectrum Management Affairs Department, TRA UAE

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank SAMENA for their excellent organization for SAMENA Telecom Leaders' Summit that was held in Dubai on May 19. Great Speakers participated and well known leaders from different Worldwide Telecom Operators and Regulators shared their successful achievements and their future plans. I liked also the high level meeting that was organized between some of top Operators and Regulators, attended only by CEOs and DGs to discuss the future of ICTs in the Arab Countries. It was very nice arrangement by SAMENA, well done. I also participated in the signing ceremony between ITU, the TRA and Shaikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Smart Learning and the excellent arrangement made by SAMENA. I hope I will be able to participate with similar summit again in future and wish you all the success."

Hakam Kanafani

Board of Directors and Chief Adviser to the Chairman, Türk Telekom

"SAMENA Council continues to play a vital role in the regional ecosystem for the ICT market. By bringing the regulators and operators together, we all take a vital step toward innovation-driven investments that will shape the future of our industry. And our economies."

H.E. Houlin Zhao

Secretary-General, International Telecommunications Union

"It’s a pleasure to be here at this Leaders’ Summit and I congratulate the SAMENA Telecommunications Council on its 10th Anniversary. SAMENA Telecommunications Council’s 10th anniversary is a testimony to the value it brings to its stakeholders in the region and we look towards them as valuable partner in fostering dialogue among stakeholders in the ICT sector.

The SAMENA Region is one of the most vibrant regions in terms of the adoption of Internet services provided by the Telecom industry. We encourage a positive dialogue among all the stakeholders to ensure that the region can truly leapfrog in terms of pushing the Digital Economy forward. I am happy to see the efforts and successes in the region.

I assure you that ITU, as the United Nations specialized agency for ICTs, will continue to play its part in helping countries in the region and around the world overcome connectivity barriers."

Patrice Lozé

Deputy CEO, Orange Jordan

“It had been such a pleasure and honor to represent Orange Jordan “Board Member at SAMENA Telecommunications Council” at the “Telecom Leaders’ Summit 2016”. I truly appreciated the opportunity to share, discuss and engage with other Telecom Leaders in South Asia, Middle East & North Africa Regions.

SAMENA Telecommunications Council has been acknowledged as the supporting entity for the telecommunication and ICT industry providers to ensure the sustainability of the business through the transformation to the digital era. Moreover, SAMENA has given the participants, members and stakeholders, the opportunity to share their concerns, experience, in addition to opening several discussion panels tackling the new technologies and solutions needed for the continuity of the business.

Thank you for an enriched experience”

Baha Mohamed Ridha Allawati

General Manager, Carrier Roaming Services, Omantel

“SAMENA has been working as the region’s telecom think-tank through open collaboration addressing the requirements of the telecom operators collectively while engaging with various stakeholder from policy makers, regulators and other Telecom bodies. In addition, SAMENA has worked on a number of telecom initiatives and has been playing a vital role in addressing the digitization program in the region by conducting a detailed countrywide ICT study taking into consideration the socio-economic developments, regulatory obligations, and other challenges operators face.”

Mr. Karim Khoja

CEO, Roshan

“Excellent event that brought together a strong and unique mix of heavyweight VAS operators with regulatory and government officials. Refreshingly well-planned and executed, SAMENA Council Telecom Leaders' Summit is a must for any telecoms business looking to expand their relationships.”

Mr. Erik Almqvist

Managing Director and Head of the Middle East, Goetzpartners

“The 2017 SAMENA Leaders’ Summit held at the Atlantis Hotel was a great success, well attended by the industry’s most senior leaders. SAMENA Council has once again proven itself as the most vital vehicle for the industry to discuss and find industry wide solutions to shared concerns and challenges. Very well done indeed Bocar and team.”

Mr. Paul Doany

CEO and Board Member, Turk Telekom Group

“A brilliant gathering of industry leaders. Thanks for the great organization."

Mr. Brahim GHRIBI

Head of Government Relations MEA, Nokia

“The SAMENA Telecom Leaders' Summit 2017 has been outstanding and exceeded all expectations this year. The quality of debates, and open discussions about key industry policy and regulatory matters has been among the highlights of the summit. It is through platforms such as SAMENA Council that industry stakeholders can come together and nurture collaboration and work together towards a viable and sustainable ecosystem of innovation.”

Mr. Markus Fritz

EVP Commercial Development & Strategic Partnerships, Eutelsat

"The SAMENA Council's Leaders' Summit is one of the unique global occasions in the year, where one can meet the Top Telecom Leaders of the region and get detailed insights on latest trends and information in technology and policy development. It is a must-attend event for every Telecoms leader interested in the MENA region."

Mr. Indranil Das

VP - Head of IT & Cloud MEA , Ericsson

“Ericsson's participation in the SAMENA Leaders' Summit this year offered us a great opportunity to engage with thought leaders and key ICT players in the region. I would like to thank SAMENA Telecommunications Council for providing this opportunity that truly supports the technological evolution and paves the way forward to the new frontier of 5G, IoT and Cloud. We look forward to participating again next year.”

Mr. Jawad Abbassi

Head Of MENA - Government & Regulatory Affairs, GSMA

"The SAMENA Council Telecom Leaders’ Summit 2017 held in Dubai offered a strong platform to share perspectives on the regional ICT landscape. I found it to be a highly valuable experience as both a speaker and attendee, and look forward to participating in future events.”

Dr. Khalid Omar Al Midfa

Chairman, Sharjah Media City

“Our industry may face a plethora of challenges but Summits like these truly play a large part in brainstorming ideas in order to overcome and prevent challenges from occurring again. Moreover, the Summit also starts a dialogue on how we can improve our impact in the region and around the globe. The SAMENA Leaders’ Summit was highly educational and well-structured. I am grateful for the opportunity to attend this event and meet like-minded people in the field in order to share and expand my knowledge of the industry. I would like to extend my gratitude to the organizers, the SAMENA Telecommunications Council, and congratulate them on another successful Summit."

Mr. Bernard Najm

Vice President - Middle East, Nokia

"SAMENA Council Telecom Leaders’ Summit 2017 was a great gathering for industry stakeholders and visionaries in the region as it allowed for quality engagements and thought sharing. Nokia believes in the importance of industry and cross sector collaboration. We are proud to be a key sponsor of the Summit."

Mr. Magdi Makki El MARDI

International Relations Director, SUDATEL Telecom Group

“SAMENA Council's team is really a reflection of a harmonized work. The outstanding organization of the Telecom Leaders’ Summit 2017 was the result of that work. The event was so productive. I have experienced the impact of SAMENA Council at any event that I attend. SAMENA Council is really a very successful platform for the telecom industry in the region.”

Mr. Eric Loeb

The SAMENA Council's Telecom Leaders Summit 2017 created an excellent forum for active discussion on experiences, best practices, and objectives. The combination of leaders from so many countries, industries and stake-holder groups ensured an exchange of diverse views. I applaud SAMENA Council for its effort, and am optimistic the Summit will bring parties closer to their objectives.”


Co-CEO, Innova

“I am glad I attended SAMENA Council Leaders’ Summit 2017 in Dubai. Appreciated the time and effort put forth by the Organization. Attending SAMENA Council's meetings is a great enlightening experience and an excellent overview of Telecom World as well as a good opportunity meet distinguished members of our community. Wish you success to continue such projects in the future.”

Mr. Amr A. Eid

CEO, Gulf Bridge International

"Thank you for the great arrangements and greetings to Bocar for his leadership and vision in organizing Leaders' Summit 2017."

Ronald K Noble

Founder, RKN Global

"It was an honor and pleasure to join so many industry leaders at the SAMENA Telecom Leaders’ Summit 2017 in Dubai. The event was professionally organized by SAMENA Council CEO Bocar BA and his team. The speakers and panelists enlightened us about the central role of the telecommunications and ICT industry in providing the backbone for the innovation. Digital connectivity was described as a basic human right. Simply stated, digital is the new way of life and the telecom and ICT industry needs to position itself to make our individual and collective digital experience pleasant, cost effective and enriching."

Roman Taranov

Chief Executive Officer, RGK mobiles

"Efforts to align visions to meet the demands of the digital world were evident in every aspect of the SAMENA Telecom Leaders’ Summit 2017, which I feel privileged to have attended. The gathering of so many distinguished leaders, experts and industry CEOs was an amazing opportunity to share and gain insights on development and success in telecommunications and digital industries."

Mr. Luigi Gambardella

President, ChinaEU

"The Gulf is not only of global importance because of its huge fossil energy reserves but also because of its strategic position between the rising economic powerhouses China and India, on the one hand, and, on the other, Europe and Africa. SAMENA Telecommunications Council's Leaders' Summit, held on 30 April in Dubai illustrates the Gulfs’ key strategic location between the three continents. The SAMENA Council's Leaders' Summit brings together Chairmen and Chief Executives of leading communications service providers, Heads of regulatory authorities, Ministers, Influencers, and Professionals that are driving digital development both regionally and internationally. Participating in the annual SAMENA Telecommunications Council's Leaders' Summit is therefore not only a must to remain up to date of the telecom market evolutions in the Gulf states but also of the global trends."

Mr. Hamoud Al Rumayan

Chief Executive Officer, Intigral

"The SAMENA Leader’s Summit was created to act as a platform for dialogue among all the stakeholders of our Telecom Industry in the SAMENA region. It was a very important and useful event to discuss changes in our industry and to lead the change process for the telecom industry especially in the digital space. We wish SAMENA Council a very successful journey ahead and we are looking forward to witnessing more success and eventful activities."

Masood M. Sharif Mahmood

Chief Executive Officer, Yahsat

"We firmly believe in the power of collaboration with industry peers, not only to overcome challenges that the satellite community is facing but also to work together to pursue innovation and development in this field. SAMENA Council's Telecom Leaders’ Summit is a good platform for us to engage in knowledge exchange and stimulating discussions. Yahsat is at the cutting edge of the UAE’s space ambitions and we look forward to continue working with industry partners to enhance satellite communications and facilitate socio-economic growth across different regions."