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Huawei secures top honors at MWC Barcelona 2024

During the Mobile World Congress (MWC) Barcelona 2024, Huawei took center stage with a series of impressive victories at the GSMA GLOMO Awards. With accolades spanning pivotal categories, including network software breakthroughs, private network solutions, mobile network infrastructure, and collaborative excellence, Huawei reaffirmed its position as a frontrunner in driving transformative advancements within the telecommunications landscape. These wins underscored Huawei's unwavering commitment to pioneering innovation and delivering cutting-edge solutions that empower operators worldwide to navigate the complexities of modern connectivity demands.

The RAN Digital Twin System (RDTS) within Huawei's IntelligentRAN has clinched the GSMA GLOMO "Best Network Software Breakthrough" award. This accolade underscores Huawei's commitment to customer-driven solutions, as RDTS empowers 5.5G native intelligence, minimizing costs while maximizing network efficiency. In collaboration with State Grid, China Unicom, and TD Tech, Huawei has also received the GSMA GLOMO for the "Best Private Network Solution" for their 5G smart grid solution. This innovative solution ensures wide coverage, high security, and cost-effectiveness in power grid operations, exemplifying the potential of 5G in industrial applications. Deployed in Shandong province, the solution facilitates various 5G-based electric power applications, contributing to a sustainable and efficient grid ecosystem.

Moreover, Huawei's commitment to sustainability is highlighted by its GSMA GLOMO win for the "Best Mobile Network Infrastructure" with the green antenna series. These antennas, deployed globally, significantly reduce network energy consumption and carbon emissions while maximizing performance and integration. Live network tests have demonstrated substantial energy savings, contributing to environmental conservation efforts. Additionally, Huawei's recognition with the GSMA Foundry Excellence Award further validates its leadership in driving industry collaboration and promoting sustainable development within the telecommunications sector.

Sun Youwei, President of Huawei Antenna Business Unit, said: "We are very grateful to receive this significant award from GSMA. Higher spectrum and energy utilization are crucial for all operators looking to provide optimal network experience. By improving antenna energy efficiency and device integration, Huawei green antennas can improve energy saving, network coverage and user experience. Huawei is happy to work with our industry partners to develop and apply green antennas in more frequency bands and application scenarios."

With the 2024 commercial launch of 5.5G, Huawei is collaborating with operators and partners around the world to pursue exciting new innovations in networks, cloud, and intelligence. Together, they will drive 5G business and foster a thriving industry ecosystem, creating a new era for intelligent digital transformation. For more information, please visit:

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