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Huawei unveils comprehensive suite of intelligent solutions at MWC 2024 to propel industries towards a smarter future

During the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2024, Huawei announced a series of groundbreaking intelligent solutions to advance digitalization in various industries in the Middle East and Central Asia. The company showcased its commitment to innovation and sustainability with a host of solutions designed to transform industries and enterprises worldwide. From manufacturing and electric power to education and beyond, Huawei’s new launches signify the start of a new era of intelligence, efficiency, and environmental consciousness, setting the stage for a brighter and smarter future.

Huawei made significant strides towards creating a better, greener, and smarter future with the launch of its Intelligent Factory Solution during MWC 2024. Announced during Huawei's Manufacturing and Large Enterprise Session, the launch aimed to enhance product R&D, production, and operation management through digital technology integration. This integration seeks to revolutionize manufacturing enterprises by providing intelligent products and solutions covering the entire value chain. By leveraging technological innovation and industry expertise, Huawei aims to accelerate product development, improve production efficiency, and ensure sustainable enterprise operations.

In line with its commitment to digital transformation across various sectors, Huawei also unveiled the Intelligent Distribution Solution (IDS) focused on accelerating electric power intelligence. Collaborating with ecosystem partners, Huawei addressed challenges such as high line loss and poor reliability in the electric power industry. IDS enables systematic digitalization, transitioning electric power enterprises to open and evolvable architectures supported by cloud-edge-device technology. By successfully implementing IDS, Huawei is contributing to the global advancement of electric power intelligence, offering solutions to enhance efficiency and reliability.

Li Peng, Huawei's Corporate Senior Vice President and President of ICT Sales & Service, said: "From the information age to the digitalization age, each transformation has brought huge possibilities. Now, we're entering an intelligent world, and the best way to predict the future will be to create it. Huawei will double our efforts to offer more intelligent digital infrastructure products and solutions that accelerate the intelligent transformation of industries. We will work hard to be a reliable partner for others on this journey."

Furthering its dedication to intelligent infrastructure, Huawei introduced the Smart Classroom 3.0 Solution during a session themed around accelerating education intelligence, fostering an intelligent and interactive teaching environment. With enhanced AI teaching analysis functions, Smart Classroom 3.0 enables personalized and differentiated teaching methods, ultimately promoting the all-round development of students. By leveraging AI, cloud computing, and big data, Huawei collaborates with industry partners to shape the future of education, ensuring high-quality and accessible learning experiences worldwide.

Additionally, Huawei hosted the Industrial Digital and Intelligent Transformation Summit during the trade show, launching 10 industrial digital and intelligent transformation solutions and a series of new flagship products. With a focus on providing differentiated solutions to meet diverse customer needs, Huawei aims to accelerate digital and intelligent transformation across industries and SMEs. By leveraging its expertise in ICT products and technologies, Huawei is committed to building open ecosystems and leading digital infrastructure to support industries on their journey toward the intelligent world.

MWC Barcelona 2024 is held from February 26 to 29 in Barcelona, Spain. For more information, see Huawei Enterprise at MWC 2024| Accelerate Industrial Intelligence | Huawei Enterprise.

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