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Citymesh selects Nokia Core SaaS to support rollout of nationwide B2B mobile services in Belgium

Citymesh has chosen Nokia’s Core Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) as part of the Belgian operator’s strategic aim of delivering greater service innovation to its customers, and realizing greater business agility and faster time to value in monetizing its network assets.

Nokia Core SaaS will allow Citymesh to offer secure, versatile nationwide connectivity services, based on a subscription, which avoids both up front capital expenditure and the need to perform software maintenance and updates on legacy, on-premise infrastructure.

Nokia Core SaaS will also support Citymesh’s network programmability efforts beyond connectivity that are targeting tailored applications for professional sporting events, BVLOS drones, first responders, and other use cases. Those efforts center around the use of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and other software development tools. These can provide software developers access to deep functionality and data in Citymesh’s network, enabling developers to write new use cases for their customers.

Nokia’s SaaS business grew sharply in 2023 from 2022, finishing the year with around 40 communication service provider and enterprise customers around the world; with most of these in commercial production.

Mark Bunn, Senior Vice President, Cloud and Network Services at Nokia, said: “We are very pleased to be supporting Citymesh in the telecom SaaS journey and to help amplify its proven track record for innovation. Nokia will offer Citymesh an intelligent and secure Core, consumed as a service with full lifecycle management, automation, and continuous updates, so that they can stay focused on their business operations.”

Robin Leblon, Chief Technology Officer at Citymesh, said: “We believe Nokia's Core SaaS will play an important role in strengthening Citymesh’s position as a national B2B operator as we transition from MVNO to MNO and enhance our network operations, while reinforcing our solid position of building end-to-end solutions, beyond just connectivity, that deliver tremendous value to our customers.”