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Jordan ranks 35th globally in internet speed— TRC

The Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC) reported that Jordan has seen an increase in its global and Arab ranking in internet speed, reaching 35th globally, Al-Ghad reported.

TRC stated that according to "Ookla," a website for measuring internet speed, Jordan achieved an average speed of 126.47 megabits per second for fixed speeds, including fiber and ADSL, in January, adding the average speed is expected to continue to increase in the coming period due to the rising number of fiber internet subscriptions, especially in the central governorates.

Additionally, the TRC highlighted that Jordan's advancement by four positions in the international ranking within a short period reflects the significant efforts being made to develop an advanced telecommunications sector that competes with rapidly advancing global and regional countries, keeping up with the latest developments in this field.

Furthermore, TRC pointed out that the new ranking contributes to encouraging companies by fostering a competitive spirit in providing distinctive internet services, positioning Jordan among the advanced countries. The telecommunications sector has become one of the most crucial sectors relied upon by others to deliver their services.