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Sparkle partners with Algar Telecom and extends its submarine cable assets to Monet

Sparkle, the first international service provider in Italy and among the top global operators, and Algar Telecom S.A., an Algar Group’s IT and telecommunications company, have signed a partnership whereby Sparkle acquires the right to use the Algar Telecom fiber optic asset on Monet, connecting Brazil to the United States, and becomes Algar Telecom’s long-term provider of international connectivity and IP transit. Furthermore, Algar Telecom’s current and long-term strategic objectives will be guaranteed through a service agreement.

Monet is a new generation cable spanning 10,556 km and connecting Boca Raton, Florida, to both Fortaleza and São Paulo in Brazil. Under the agreement, Algar Telecom assigns to Sparkle the right to use its Monet fiber optic asset transferring control and operation of the fiber capacity as well as future investments and equipment management.

With this partnership, Algar Telecom improves the use of its asset and has potential access to Sparkle's global network and to new relevant markets, generating value for its customers. Additionally, the two companies will share commercial insights and best practices, also through joint workshops, to better fulfil customer needs.

On the other hand, Sparkle gains full control over an additional fiber optic submarine asset, increasing capacity on the cable – with speeds up to 18 Tbps with the current technologies - catering the huge and growing connectivity demand between Brazil and the United States. In addition, it enhances the redundancy of its continental backbone which boasts five diversified routes between North and Central-South America, including three new generation undersea “digital highways”: Monet and Seabras-1 in the Atlantic and Curie in the Pacific.

With Monet, Sparkle continues the expansion and strengthening of its American network, which now counts 56 Points of Presence across US, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Panama, Peru and Venezuela, a capillary presence in Brazil and an open landing and connectivity hub in Panama.

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