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Omantel leverages its partnership with Google Cloud to offer predictive analysis, API monetization to businesses and the first in META Google Distributed Cloud Edge solution

Omantel, the leading provider of integrated telecommunications services in the Sultanate of Oman, is thrilled to announce its monumental collaboration with Google to introduce the first Google Distributed Cloud Edge solution in the META region. This partnership is set to revolutionize the digital landscape, bringing advanced cloud infrastructure and services to the region. The implementation of the Google Distributed Cloud Edge hardware, enables Omantel to deliver unprecedented levels of performance, reliability, and efficiency to its customers. The hardware will be strategically placed at the edge of the network, allowing faster data processing and reduced latency. This technology will unlock a new era of possibilities for businesses and individuals, providing seamless access to cutting-edge cloud services. This milestone collaboration will empower Omantel to stay ahead of evolving customer demands and deliver world-class services. The introduction of the Google Distributed Cloud Edge hardware further solidifies Omantel as a key player in the telecommunications industry, proving its dedication to providing exceptional solutions and driving digital progress in the META region.

The strategic partnership between Omantel and Google, signed in May 2023 centers on the implementation of artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) for prediction models, revenue maximization, network optimization and API Monetization aimed at serving enterprise businesses.

“This landmark partnership smartly integrates Google Cloud’s advanced AI/ML technologies into Omantel's prediction models, enabling us to optimize our predictive analytics to identify market trends, customer behaviors, and revenue opportunities,” said Talal Said Al Mamari, Chief Executive Office at Omantel. “This cutting-edge application encourages better decision-making, enhanced customer satisfaction, and increased revenue growth.”

“Additionally, the API monetization project has been instrumental in elevating Omantel's service offerings to enterprise businesses. By leveraging Google Cloud's expertise in API management and monetization strategies, Omantel is devising innovative solutions to cater to the evolving needs of its enterprise customers. The establishment of Google Distributed Cloud Edge, an advanced platform that provides seamless and secure API services, will position Omantel as a pioneer in the region, and will further strengthen its position as a strategic partner for enterprises seeking seamless connectivity and digital solutions,” Al Mamari, added.

Omantel is committed to driving digitization, fostering technological advancements, and transforming the telecommunications landscape in Oman. This partnership showcases the power of collaboration, innovation, and agility in creating sustainable and mutually beneficial business opportunities. By leveraging each other's strengths, resources, and expertise, Omantel and Google Cloud aim to unlock new potential in the telecommunications industry and lead the way in digital transformation.

Google Cloud has already won four strategic projects in the realm of digital/telecoms for Omantel.

For Omantel, the partnership helps streamline its API development, onboard new partners quickly, enhance their omnichannel strategy and start API monetization. It also allows Omantel to use Data and Analytics via Google Cloud’s Data Platform to develop customer and marketing analytics for better visibility.

Omantel is also collaborating with Google Cloud to create a cloud space for startups and Digital Natives in Oman to utilize Google Cloud technologies to enhance their development and offerings.

Omantel has succeeded, through the integration of its operations, processes, and extensive expertise in the field of communications and digital technology, in establishing its position as a leading telecommunications company within the Sultanate of Oman and beyond. The company's innovative approaches have contributed to providing the latest solutions to various consumer and business sectors. The company aims to deliver an unparalleled, exceptional experience to its subscribers and strives to always exceed their expectations. Omantel works towards contributing to the achievement of Oman Vision 2040 objectives by investing in emerging technologies and providing cutting-edge solutions in modern technology, information and communications technology, such as cloud solutions, ICT solutions, AI, Smart solutions, cybersecurity, and much more, in addition to harnessing its technological capabilities to enhance innovation and leadership in new and advanced technologies.

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