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Early warning system in coastal areas complete: TRA

Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) has announced the successful implementation of an early warning system in coastal regions in a collaborative effort with Civil Aviation Authority and service operators.

Additionally, TRA has granted Starlink Muscat a Class 1 licence to offer telecommunications services via satellite systems, marking a significant stride in enhancing connectivity and emergency response capabilities.

At TRA’s annual media brief on Tuesday, Omar Hamdan al Ismaili, CEO, unveiled the authority’s ambitious agenda for 2024, which includes conducting 29 field surveys across several wilayats to evaluate the quality of telecommunications services available to consumers. “This initiative reflects TRA’s commitment to elevating service standards and ensuring easy access to advanced telecommunications,” he said.

A key focus for TRA is augmentation of Oman’s telecom infrastructure through the expansion of 5G networks and fibre optic connectivity, alongside expediting the shift from traditional copper networks to more advanced technologies. Such advancements are geared towards fostering sustainable growth within the sector while maintaining affordability for consumers.

According to Ismaili, telecommunications companies are at the forefront of artificial intelligence (AI) and laying down essential infrastructure. Efforts are being concentrated on establishing robust data centres that facilitate high-speed data processing, crucial for AI services and the exploration of new technologies.

He highlighted the sector’s financial health, noting a 12% revenue increase in 2023, reaching RO851mn. The sector’s workforce comprised 4,167 employees, boasting Omanisation rate of 94%. Additionally, the number of postal companies saw a 31% growth, with total revenues of licensed postal firms touching RO20.7mn, up 14% from 2022.

Looking ahead, TRA aims to enhance telecommunications services across various sectors, including education, healthcare, tourism, industry and transportation, while underscoring its commitment to environmental sustainability, innovation and scientific research. “The transition from 3G to 4G and 5G services, along with the allocation of new frequency bands to operators, is set to revolutionise communication services in Oman.”

TRA data indicates a positive trend in the communications sector in 2023, with mobile phone subscriptions increasing 3%, mobile broadband 5%, fixed telephone services 3%, and fixed broadband 5%, indicating a continued upward trajectory in Oman’s telecommunications landscape.