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SpeedChecker awards Orange Jordan for delivering best internet speed in the kingdom

Orange Jordan has received the Fastest Fixed Internet – Fiber speed award in Jordan for 2023 from SpeedChecker, the globally renowned website. The studies and speed tests related to this certificate covered the Internet subscribers in Jordan and indicated that Orange Jordan is offering the fastest Internet in 2023, for the second consecutive year.

The award was presented to the Chief Consumer Marketing Officer, Naila Al Dawoud and the Chief ITN & Wholesale Officer, Eng. Walid Al-Doulat on behalf of Orange Jordan with the presence of a number of the Company’s employees.

Since 2008, SpeedChecker has been operating in the Middle East providing smart websites and applications that enable clients to check the quality of their internet connection, which has contributed to improving the infrastructure of many Internet and mobile service providers, noting that the Company’s headquarters is in Ireland and its offices are in the United Arab Emirates.

In an era where speed plays a pivotal role in enriching the user experience, especially with regard to digital services, Orange Jordan considers that obtaining this certificate for the second consecutive year, which comes after a detailed speed tests involving tens of thousands of all internet subscribers during 2023, is the culmination of its role as a Responsible Digital Leader.

Orange Jordan strives to provide a distinguished digital experience for all its subscribers being individuals or businesses to enable them to enjoy an unlimited variety of features and services with the highest quality including online learning, entertainment, gaming, and watching online videos. All this comes in line with the Company’s advanced solutions and continuous development of its networks and infrastructure to meet the customers’ needs and aspirations. In this context, Orange Jordan expressed its pride of its customers’ trust which fuels its efforts to always exceed their expectations.

This significant milestone is perfectly aligned with Orange Jordan’s tireless efforts to invest in the digital infrastructure and the Fiber services in addition to providing its customers with the latest and most innovated technologies such as the cutting-edge Fiber Box devices with the Wi-Fi 6 technology. The new revolutionary technology enables subscribers to enjoy faster speeds and increase the number of devices connected to Wi-Fi with a lower latency. All this coincides with the launching of a new super speed of 10,000 Mbps for the first time in Jordan and the region.

It is worth mentioning that Orange Jordan currently acquires the largest Fiber market share in Jordan according to the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC) which is a result of prioritizing the customers and providing them with the highest quality services and solutions.