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CME’s Voyo passes 1 million paying subscribers

Voyo has surpassed 1 million paying subscribers in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Slovenia, making it the leading local SVOD provider in most of CME Group’s markets.

The announcement comes just three years after the acquisition of CME by PPF Group and represents a nearly seven-fold increase since 2020.

When PPF acquired CME in autumn 2020, Voyo had 135,000 subscribers across the region. A new strategy followed in January 2021 leading to 37 Voyo originals and a slate of other local programming.

“The rise of SVOD has reshaped the media industry, consumers are hungry and continue to drive growth in consumption and we expect this trend to continue growing across all our markets. We have successfully managed to merge content, technology, and distribution, helping us to exceed our initial B2C goals. I sincerely believe that our ability to invest quickly and adopt a new growth mindset, along with understanding our viewers‘ passions, have been key factors in our success to date,” said Deputy CEO of CME Dusan Svalek.

An additional 7 new local Voyo Originals will join this line-up during this year. There has also been investment in technology upgrades and distribution channels.