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SAMENA Telecommunications Council Facilitates Dialogue on Digitalizing Governments & Private Sector during MWC Barcelona

Representing SAMENA Council, as a part of the GSMA Ministerial Program during MWC Barcelona, Bocar BA, CEO & Board Member, conducted a discussion on pragmatic ways both governments and the private sector can drive new value out of digitalization.

Titled “Digitizing Governments and Industry”, the session’s dialogue revolved around pressing topics such as enhancing digital government services, bridging digital divides, advancing digital literacy, managing data governance, and deploying ethical AI in the public sector. Discussions also touched on the role of green ICT development and the strategic management of digital investments as critical components for sustainable digital growth.

During the session, Bocar BA, as moderator, facilitated a deep-dive discussion on the challenges and opportunities presented by the digital economy, emphasizing on the collaborative efforts required to harness the full potential of digital technologies.

“We need to deeply explore the transformative power of mobile connectivity, a force that is redefining industries and governance across the globe. Our journey towards a fully digitalized global economy is complex and requires us to navigate through challenges with a unified approach," BA stated, reflecting on the session's collaboration-driven objectives.

BA, in support of both governments and the private sector also remarked: “The global digital economy is truly on a success trajectory—and we’d be remiss in not acknowledging the policy, regulatory, and investment efforts that have gone into achieving that.

SAMENA Telecommunications Council's role in moderating this session underscores its commitment to facilitating dialogue among key stakeholders in the telecommunications and ICT sectors, aiming to foster a more connected and digitally inclusive future. Later this year, the Council will hold related discussions among industry leaders through its own industry-support platforms.

Source: SAMENA Telecommunications Council