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AT&T’s Online Learning Site Strives to Help Slow 'Summer Slide'

As students are getting ready to say goodbye to the classroom and hello to summer vacation, some may be at risk of forgetting what they learned during the school year. While summertime can mean soaking up the sun and enjoying a popsicle by the pool, the books may start collecting dust.

While 8-12 weeks away from the classroom doesn’t seem very long, ​the gap can severely impact our students’ success. Annenberg Brown University’s summer learning statistics show the average student loses 17–34% of the prior year’s skills during summer break.

​And the National Summer Learning Association found that can equate to most students losing an average of two months of math skills every summer, and another two to three months in reading for students whose families fall below the median income level.

Looking for ways to help prevent summer slide? AT&T has a solution that may help- The Achievery was created by AT&T, to make online learning more entertaining, engaging, and inspiring for K-12 students everywhere today’s connected students learn.

The online platform has more than 570 educational learning units in both English and Spanish, providing educational and entertaining videos paired with standard-aligned learning activities for continuous learning. Shall we remind you it’s free?

The free online learning platform is part of AT&T’s commitment to help close the digital divide by offering access to free tools and resources to enrich students’ digital learning experience, providing opportunities to succeed.

We are determined to help students skip the summer slide and come back to school prepared and ready to learn. Every statistic motivates us to incorporate summer learning and continue opening doors to greater possibility.

Click here to join the 135,000 students who have already participated in learning with The Achievery.