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For second Year in a Row, Huawei named a Customers' Choice in Gartner Peer Insights™ Voice of the Customer for Distributed File Systems and Object Storage

Huawei was recognized as a 2023 Customers' Choice in the Gartner Peer Insights™ Voice of the Customer for Distributed File Systems and Object Storage. This recognizes Huawei for the second year in a row. According to customers’ comments, Huawei OceanStor scale-out storage was highly praised by global customers for its excellent quality and comprehensive services.

Gartner Peer Insights is a free peer review and ratings platform designed for enterprise software and services decision makers. Reviews are organized by products in markets that are defined by Gartner Research in Magic Quadrant™ and Market Guide documents. And the "Voice of the Customer" is a document that applies a methodology to aggregated Gartner Peer Insights' reviews in a market to provide an overall perspective for IT decision makers. [1]

Huawei outperformed the included distributed storage vendors around the world. It was named as a Customers' Choice and 5.0/5.0 score based on 97 reviewers in that research. We believe customer evaluation is an important indicator to measure product performance, and the results reflect that customers appreciate the comprehensive competitiveness, maturity of large-scale commercial use, and after-sales services of Huawei OceanStor scale-out storage products. Some reviewers expressed their willingness to recommend Huawei products to their peers, which we believe is a sincere recognition of our products.

A medical and biotechnology engineer commented: "As a data analyst, I'd like to focus on the data and our software, and spend as little time as possible on the IT infrastructure. And OceanStor Pacific helps our team to make it. The system is agile; resources can be deployed flexibly and acquired on demand. Great performance is delivered to me to process data concurrently." [2]

An IT operator from the banking industry recorded the following comments: "After using OceanStor Pacific for another year, I really love it… Another experience I should mention is the humble and customer-centric attitude that Huawei's local engineers show. When encountering issues, they always think of how to fix them in time, instead of checking whether it's their duty or not, which a lot of other vendors do." [3]

In response to the report, Yidong Wang, President of Huawei Scale-Out Storage Domain, said, "It is a great honor to be recognized as a Gartner Peer Insights Customers' Choice in Voice of the Customer for Distributed File Systems and Object Storage again in 2023. Thanks to all our customers for their trust in Huawei. Every customer's voice will help us continuously innovate, improve, and break through. In the future, we will stay customer-centric and continue to innovate and improve the efficiency of mass data applications, simplify data management, and enhance data resilience based on the unified scale-out storage platform, helping users in various industries build better and more agile data infrastructures."