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Zain Shaheed Park Ramadan Challenge kicks-off

Zain, Kuwait’s leading digital service provider, announces the kick-off of the second season of the Zain Shaheed Park Ramadan Challenge, organized by Suffix, the leading sports management company in Kuwait and the region. The initiative aims at encouraging community members of all ages to take on a healthy and active lifestyle during the Holy Month of Ramadan.

Zain supports this unique initiative in line with its corporate strategy to shoulder sports and health programs within the community. The company regularly intensifies its efforts to encourage everyone to adopt a healthier and more active lifestyle throughout the year, and especially during the Holy Month.

The Zain Shaheed Park Ramadan Challenge runs from 29 March to 10 April at Phase 1 and offers people of all ages a great opportunity to join by speed-walking or running at their own time and pace. Participants would collect distance points and compete to top the leaderboard, and those who want to earn extra points can join the special workouts held at the park.

After signing up, participants collect their armbands from a machine at the park. The armbands feature a chip that tracks and registers each participant’s kilometers as they pass through the solar-powered smart arch. The leaderboard screen shows everyone’s progress in real time so every participant can check their standing and compete for a higher place.

The challenge targets both males and females from all ages to encourage them to keep fit and adopt a healthy and active lifestyle, not only during the Holy Month, but throughout the year.

Zain’s social campaign during Ramadan features a wide range of interactive programs, spanning health, sports, humanitarian, religious, and entertainment activities to share the blessings of the Holy Month with the community as a whole.