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CST publishes a public consultation on regulations document for maritime radio services

The Communications, Space and Technology Commission (CST) invites the public to submit their input on the Maritime Radio Services Regulations Document, which aims to regulate the use of maritime radio services and raise the efficiency of spectrum use by organizing the channels for these services.

CST highlights the document’s notable elements such as the types of licenses for maritime radio services, the Kingdom’s commitments to international regulations, technical terms and conditions for licensing, frequency allocations for Maritime radio services, and updated technical standards for various maritime radio services.

CST is committed to managing the use of maritime radio services, raising the efficiency of spectrum use in the Kingdom according to best international practices, and providing spectrum for all maritime radio services in the Kingdom while ensuring compliance with international regulations and protection from wireless interference.

Lastly, based on the CST desire for transparency and inclusion of all relevant stakeholders of boats and yachts owners, the maritime transport sector and ports, CST invites interested parties to respond to the public consultation request by April 19, 2023, via the following channels:

CST website​.​ ​​