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floLIVE, NLT Telecom partner to provide dual-connectivity access in Brazil

floLIVE, the creator and owner of the world’s first and largest global hyperlocal cellular network and a leading provider of global connectivity and network services for IoT, and NLT Telecom, a Brazilian operator specializing in IoT, announce their collaboration to provide dual-connectivity access to both Brazilian and international enterprise customers, including OEMs and mobile operators.

The partnership opens the Brazilian market to floLIVE’s global customers and allows NLT to expand its services outside Brazil.

This collaboration will enable Brazilian enterprises to seamlessly access local cellular networks throughout the world based on floLIVE’s hyperlocal global network, allowing them to benefit from high performance, regulatory compliant connectivity with unmatchable service levels. Simultaneously, floLIVE will continue to reinforce its global network by establishing local presence in the Brazilian market.

floLIVE is an expert in advanced, modern and cost-effective global cellular connectivity, with a global platform that connects tier-1 MNOs and the leading MVNOs in the world. Its cloud-native, converged global platform features the world’s largest connectivity library of its kind, fully designed and built for massively connecting devices on a global scale, with unified, simplified managed and control that reduces overall cost and increases operational effectiveness.

NLT's second network core

With this partnership, NLT now has its own network core, in addition to that of its MNO Vivo, which expands its operations regardless of geographic limits, with a new standards second robust network core, which can be used both for public and private networks. Thus, NLT solutions become even easier to integrate with, allowing its customers greater diversity in the development of services, which confirms NLT's positioning as an important global player in IoT, establishing itself as an excellent alternative for global operators to operate in Brazil and as the full MVNO with the best core network structure in the country.

Bill Wark, SVP Sales at floLIVE
We are pleased to be partnering with NLT Telecom, the main Brazilian reference in IoT connectivity, in order to expand our operations in the rapidly expanding Brazilian market. On one hand, this partnership is a symbol of our strategy to leverage our advanced technology and software platform, while on the other hand, strengthen relations with local providers, forming a true partnership which is a significant building block of our growing global network and an important milestone on our global journey.

William Araújo, director of Technology at NLT
The software-defined network offer brought by floLIVE brings us flexibility combined with the robustness of the most modern solutions in full core cellular network technologies. The platform can scale horizontally very easily, the ability to deploy in the cloud, on premises and in a hybrid model. Another important factor in choosing their platform was the cultural fit between the companies: as NLT, floLIVE has an API-first development philosophy, which indicates the priority given to flexibility and speed for the integration of new partners and customers into the IoT global ecosystem.