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Viettel’s Cambodia affiliate signs strategic cooperation agreement with local group

Metfone, the Cambodia-based affiliate of the military-run telecom group Viettel, and ISI Group of Cambodia signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on strategic cooperation in Phnom Penh on March 29.

Under the MoU, the sides will bring into full play their advantages and strengths to support each other. Accordingly, Metfone will ensure the network in the areas where the multi-sectoral Cambodian group is investing, and cooperate with K-mall, the commercial centre chain which sees ISI investments, in the field of marketing.

Metfone committed 45,000 USD/year to ISI for five years, including funding for flashlights at its Dangkor Senchey Stadium, and agreed to consider sponsoring its football club. The telecoms firm also allowed ISI subsidiaries to optimise its technical platform for marketing purposes.

Metfone General Director Cao Manh Duc said the cooperation is expected to spur socio-economic development in Cambodia and raising local residents’ living standards.

Duc noted his hope that ISI will help Metfone in upcoming business activities, and maintain its leading position in telecoms services in Cambodia, thus better meeting the increasing demand of Cambodians.

Metfone will make efforts to support ISI when possible, he pledged, suggesting the two sides put forth a specific implementation plan for the MoU following the signing ceremony.

The firm, which has been operating in the neighbouring country for more than 14 years, has directly created jobs for over 3,000 labourers and contributed nearly 1 billion USD to the local budget to date./.