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SLT-MOBITEL unveils ‘Empowering your business to go beyond Dreams’ for MSMEs offering total solutions for business prosperity

SLT-MOBITEL, as the National ICT Solutions Provider, recently launched its SLT-MOBITEL Enterprise campaign ‘Empowering your business to go beyond Dreams’ catering to Micro, Small, and Medium-Sized Enterprises with an objective to ensure these major drivers of economic activity have access to one-stop-solutions for business prosperity and digitally transform their business through comprehensive and innovative solutions.

The total solutions provided will enable MSMEs towards greater business agility and help accelerate their business growth. The hassle-free and secure SME business solutions are guaranteed to enhance and elevate SME operations. A wider spectrum of products to suit specific SME needs are also available.

SLT-MOBITEL Enterprise solutions will cater to a wider range of customer’s needs with different products including DataOne, Univo, Vobox, BizLife ,BizTune, Peo TV Biz, BB LTE Flash Packages, Hosting Cub, Mobitel Unlimited Voice packages and Mobitel Bulk SMS Solution. Specially, the Bizlife, DataOne, and Hosting Cub will be the innovative products that have been launched parallel to the campaign of ‘Empowering your business to go beyond Dreams’.

With SLT-MOBITEL Enterprise’s unmatched technology, resources, and reliable services, the Bizlife packages are presented as a total voice/data solution. It is available via four exciting tiers – BizLife Mini, BizLife Mini Flash, BizLife Advance, and BizLife Advance Flash. Overall, the Bizlife packages are created to ensure customers can benefit as it is based on an affordable budget, offers best value for money and is an all-in-one bundle supporting their ICT needs.

Data One provides a Single bulk Broadband Package covering all the branches of an MSME business. Secure and reliable connectivity between an MSME headquarters and branches is assured with the Data One solution.

SLT-MOBITEL provides hosting facilities for MSMEs with affordable pricing, easy expansion of MSMEs cyber presence, and other value-added offerings via its Shared Hosting and Virtual Private Server (VPS) solutions.