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etisalat by e& revamps connectivity for McDonald’s UAE

etisalat by e& UAE announced its partnership with McDonald’s UAE to revamp its entire connectivity and support its long-term technology transformation vision with the deployment of an end-to-end managed SD-WAN solution, unparalled fixed and mobile network capabilities across its branches in the UAE.

etisalat by e&’s proven expertise in designing a resilient network strategy and modernizing the IT infrastructure was in-line with McDonald’s UAE’s global guidelines, making them the partner of choice for this strategic implementation. The turnkey bundled implementation of SD-WAN solution, broadband connectivity, and intelligent retail WAN contribute to McDonald’s UAE’s digital vision of moving all their workloads to cloud and meeting its business requirements through uninterrupted online availability. Apart from the full-fledged WAN deployment, etisalat by e& will power the customer sites with guest Wi-Fi that provides a 24/7 internet to all restaurant visitors.

“We are glad to partner with McDonald’s UAE on this country wide implementation where etisalat by e& is empowering the business with its network capabilities and connectivity services,” said Ragi Magdy, Senior VP, Enterprise Sales, etisalat by e& UAE. “Our ICT expertise and state-of-the-art infrastructure complement our customized vertical solutions that support large enterprises in their network evolution journey. The successful completion of this project resonates with our business strategy of delivering enhanced customer experience and driving a brighter digital future.”

Walid Fakih, CEO, McDonald’s UAE said, “Digital transformation has been a key focus for us over the past years as we look to enhance our end-to-end customer experience to ensure a seamless journey from order to delivery. Through our partnership with etisalat by e&, we look forward to elevating our digital experience even more, offering seamless connectivity and another layer of convenience to our consumer.”

With the objective of delivering elevated customer experience and network consolidation, all sites will have a redundant connection with main underlay of asymmetric broadband and backup on cellular network. The seamless connectivity for all business-critical applications along with round the clock support services from etisalat by e& ensures business continuity and high availability. For McDonald’s UAE, onboarding an experienced single managed service provider guarantees ease of operations, swift migration, efficient management, and scalability for future updates.

Source: Press Release