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etisalat by e& and Samsung joins forces to bring new digital experiences to the UAE

Samsung Gulf Electronics and etisalat by e& announced its latest agreement on the expansion of their existing partnership to collaborate on extending beyond smart devices to encompass digital experiences and cutting-edge solutions, with a strong emphasis on improving the overall customer experience.

Masood M Sharif Mahmood, CEO, etisalat by e& UAE, and Doohee Lee, President of Samsung Gulf Electronics signed an agreement in the presence of senior officials from both companies.

Together, they will embark on a collaborative effort to broaden the direct supply of wearables, smart gadgets, and accessories in response to the growing number of smart devices in the UAE. The digital services alliance will incorporate Samsung's smart watches and Samsung Care+ offer across all smart devices, as well as the new fitness and wellness platform GoWell.

Masood M. Mohamed Sharif, CEO of etisalat by e& UAE, said: "We are pleased to extend our partnership with Samsung, to enhance the customer experience and provide them with the latest innovative products and services that meet their aspirations and expectations in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. We are confident that this partnership will help develop the seamless and integrated digital experience that we aim to deliver to our customers.

"etisalat by e&’s efforts reflect the UAE leadership’s vision to create a state-of-the-art infrastructure that contributes to the advancement and growth of all sectors, with us at the core of the communications and information technology sector. This vision gives us a clear and inspiring path that encourages us to use innovation and helps us provide the best technologies and solutions for all."

Doohee Lee, President of Samsung Gulf Electronics, said: “In today's market, customers expect seamless connectivity and interoperability across all their devices. To meet these expectations, Samsung has partnered with etisalat by e& to establish a comprehensive ecosystem that will offer uninterrupted experiences to customers across the entire range of Samsung products. With digital transformation already well-established among individuals and companies in the UAE, the companies are excited to introduce more innovative digital solutions that cater to the evolving needs of UAE consumers."

Samsung is committed to promoting sustainability and innovation within the Galaxy ecosystem, through the incorporation of recycled materials and the use of eco-friendly packaging. As part of this effort, the company has joined forces with etisalat by e& to work towards a more sustainable future for the UAE. This will involve the promotion of eco-friendly trade-in offers and the adoption of e-SIM technology to reduce environmental impact.

Furthermore, through this new partnership, Samsung will be able to offer its extensive range of exclusive products and services to etisalat by e& customers across a wider range of categories. This includes the entire consumer and business portfolio, such as smart home solutions, enterprise solutions, accessories, and more.

Source: Press Release