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EduTech Day set to focus on digital transformation: Bahrain

Northstar Technology’s dedicated division for the education sector is set to host EduTech Day 2023.

The event delivers an ecosphere for technology entrepreneurs and innovators to meet with principals and educators to review the latest disruptive technologies in the education sector.

The event will take place at the Diplomat Radisson Blu Hotel on Wednesday.

Northstar Technology executive director Jubran Abdulrahman said, “EduTech Day 2023 is part of Northstar’s commitment to give education professionals in Bahrain insights into the latest global technology developments and solutions which are transforming the future of education.”

EduTech Day 2023 will showcase some of the latest innovative solutions which are digitally reshaping the operations of the education sector. Educators, students, parents, and the authorities in Bahrain will need to embrace some of these solutions as the education sector evolves to create a better student experience in the way they teach, learn, support and the assess students.

The event will feature presentations and interactive sessions from a number of technology partners including ETHDC, a leading provider of school management software; HIKVision, which has a range of functions from safe campus systems to smart classroom buildings; Sonicwall, who provide security solutions for SaaS applications and multi cloud environments; and Agreefy providers of location awareness solutions. The computing partner for the event is Lenovo.

“Northstar Technology has a proven track record in the education sector across the GCC. In Bahrain alone we have facilitated the digital transformation in over 30 schools with the implementation of our strategic partner ETHDC’s ERP and Line of Business applications,” added Mr Abdulrahman.