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stc supports smart port automation in the Kingdom

stc Group, the digital enabler in the region, in partnership with the Saudi Ports Authority, has launched the Smart Ports Initiative to automate the Saudi ports’ operations, which will advance ports performance, economic competitiveness, reduce costs, and increase safety. The collaboration will also support the automation of operational processes across ports and apply modern technologies in logistics services, in line with the Kingdom's vision to become the global logistics hub.

The digital solutions provided by stc include an enhanced 5G network to ensure a secure and reliable connection in the ports of Dammam and Jeddah in contribution to the digital infrastructure development, cranes automation and a remote operation for ports from the central control room through video surveillance. This technology will help to improve crane operation and improve time efficiency.

The three-dimensional visualisation technology of cranes will support tracking cranes’ conditions and the number of containers transported, reducing downtime in port operations and increasing their productivity. It also includes using smart cameras and artificial intelligence to link the containers to the trucks since it was lifted from the ship. Moreover, it identifies the trucks’ card numbers to help in managing a huge amount of containers in less time and precision, which will promote continuous flow within the port area.

In addition to the aforementioned digital solutions offered by stc, the group will also enable smart monitoring to increase safety and security at the ports through facial recognition, license plate recognition, fraud detection and real-time alerts that are transferred to the security team about vehicles exceeding speed limits, in addition to providing direct control of the transport of goods that contribute to reducing the cost of damage in some cases.

These digital solutions strengthen the Kingdom's position as a global logistics centre, making Saudi ports proactive in applying modern technologies, enhancing regional and international competitiveness in cargo handling, serving importers and exporters, and providing logistics services and maritime transport in line with the Kingdom's Vision 2030.

Source: Press Release