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Zain strategic partner of Kuwait Motor Show 2023

Zain, Kuwait’s leading digital service provider, announces its strategic partnership with the 11th Kuwait Motor Show 2023, the nation’s biggest gathering of automobile, ATV, and motorcycle dealerships. The show, which offers an exceptional platform for local dealerships to engage with the public, runs from 19-28 January at 360 Mall, and features over 30 global brands.

Zain continues to support this unique event as part of its strong belief in the vital role played by the Kuwaiti private sector’s institutions in shouldering local projects that contribute to pushing the local economy wheel. This year, the event serves over 300,000 visitors, and features over 30 global brands showcasing over 80 vehicles.

With digital transformation sweeping over the world’s industries, the automotive industry underwent significant changes, and technology has become an integral part of it. Today’s vehicles feature the latest tech innovations like artificial intelligence, advanced communications, and more. The Kuwait Motor Show aims at showcasing the latest technologies in today’s cars, and the role dealerships play to bring them to the local market.

The event offers motor enthusiasts with an opportunity to learn about the latest innovations from the world’s biggest car manufacturers and exclusive offers from local dealerships, which are present at the event to connect directly with visitors.

Zain is present at the Kuwait Motor Show via its own dedicated booth throughout ten days at 360 Mall, where the company offers a unique opportunity for visitors to experience virtual driving and compete for a chance to win valuable prizes.

The Kuwait Motor Show 2023 is the nation’s biggest event of its kind. The show’s last ten editions witnessed fantastic success, with hundreds of vehicles showcased from the world’s biggest manufacturers, numerous exclusive offers from local dealerships, and hundreds of thousands of visitors.

Zain is aware of the important role private sector companies play in encouraging such initiatives that contribute to supporting Kuwait’s national economy. The company’s participation at this event further reflects its keenness in developing the various innovative efforts in the community, which bursts with dedicated talents who have vibrant ideas that offer viable solutions to market needs.