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Oman Trading Establishment leverages cloud solutions

Oman Trading Establishment Group (OTE), one of Oman’s largest business houses with extensive expertise in the automotive sector, is building on its 20-year relationship with global technology company SAP SE (NYSE: SAP) to move to a private cloud and leverage digital solutions that will increase efficiencies, boost sustainability initiatives, and enhance services to customers and engagement with employees. The implementation partner for the digital transformation is IntelliSoft, an SAP gold partner focused on the automotive industry.

Through close collaboration between OTE, SAP and IntelliSoft, a digital roadmap was produced that had RISE with SAP as its starting point to accelerate the transition to cloud. The aim was to go beyond a technical cloud migration, and instead enable OTE to truly transform its business, realizing a faster time-to-market for new capabilities and applications through managed services, and allowing for ongoing transformation.

Sheikh Mohammed Bahwan, Director, OTE said, “We have worked very closely with SAP and Intellisoft, leveraging our combined industry experience to ensure our digital transformation will deliver enhanced services to our customers and employees. This first phase of the digital transformation will increase efficiencies and our agility in responding to customer needs and changes in the market. Moreover, by streamlining our processes, improving our data mining and analysis capabilities, and gaining superior overall visibility on all aspects of our business, we will be able to ensure that we offer unmatched services. RISE with SAP will also enable us to realize our sustainability goals, which are important to OTE, our customers, and business partners.”

Sudhir Mambully, CEO, OTE elaborated “Our customers will ultimately benefit from several solutions adopted in the first phase of the digital transformation Among others, S/4HANA is a complete cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) system with built-in intelligent technologies, including AI, machine learning, and advanced analytics. It enables 360-degree views of all operations, automates business processes, supports the adoption of new business models, streamlines efficiencies, lowers total cost of ownership and enables rapid management of business change. This will be enhanced by SAP Analytics Cloud to give real-time insights on the go.”

OTE employees, on the other hand, will benefit immediately from the core SAP SuccessFactors human expereience management suite. Success Factors Employee Central standardizes processes and enables greater visibility, while Performance and Goals assists in aligning company strategy and goals, improving employee performance through ongoing coaching and feedback, and recognizing top talent.

“By transitioning to the cloud, OTE sought to optimize its operations while simultaneously leveraging standardized best practices to streamline its core applications, which had undergone multiple customizations over the years. A bluefield approach was taken, meaning a selective migration, which is ideal for large companies with very complex IT environments.” added Bhupendra Pant, CIO, OTE Group.

Alaa Jaber, Managing Director for SAP Qatar and Fast Growth Markets, said, “We deeply value our collaborative relationship with OTE, with whom we have been working closely for two decades. Implementing Rise with SAP ensures OTE is aligned with the objectives and strategies of the Oman 2040 Vision while it leverages the latest cloud solutions at an accelerated pace and reduces OTE’s total cost of ownership. The benefits extend to personnel, customers, business partners and, ultimately, the environment. Through its digital transformation, OTE is ensuring that its operations follow best practices and are agile, scalable and flexible, so that it can enhance the services delivered to customers and employees on an ongoing basis.”

Ravi Pincha, CEO, IntelliSoft, said of the digital transformation, “The OTE group is known for its innovative thinking and its focus on benefiting the Omani nation through its business. To take one example, it was among the first in the Sultanate to actively promote the use of all-electronic vehicles. The digital transformation roadmap we have developed with SAP and OTE will ensure that OTE remains competitive and innovative in its service offerings across its diverse portfolio, while also satisfying its sustainability goals.”

Founded in 1991, the OTE Group has an extensive and diverse business portfolio that incorporates illustrious and popular automotive brands such as Cadillac, Chevrolet, Genesis, Hyundai, Isuzu, Subaru, and GWM; auto ancillaries; electronics and home appliances; leasing and finance; polymer color concentrates for the plastic industry and vocational training institutes for development of Omani talent.