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Nusuk platform promoted in Algeria during ministerial visit

Saudi Arabia’s Minister of Hajj and Umrah Dr. Tawfiq Al-Rabiah has concluded meetings with representatives of travel and Umrah companies in Algeria, Saudi Press Agency reported..

The meetings were held on the sidelines of an exhibition to review the benefits provided by the Kingdom to pilgrims via the Nusuk platform.

The online portal offers a variety of services ranging from obtaining a visa to visit the Kingdom, to providing information to enhance pilgrims’ experiences.

Officials said that visitors from Algeria can use Nusuk to obtain a travel package that includes an Umrah visa, or apply for a visa directly from the Saudi embassy. Residents or holders of commercial or tourist visas of the EU, the US or the UK can also obtain a visa at the airport upon arrival in the Kingdom. Saudi nationals hosting friends and acquaintances can obtain visas for them through the national visa platform. Visa application offices in the Algerian cities Oran and Constantine will reopen during the second quarter of this year.

The minister’s visit to Algiers is one of several promotional tours planned both within and outside the Kingdom. Nusuk has previously organized similar exhibitions in Egypt, Turkey, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan.