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EE names latest 5G rollout locations as coverage reaches 60%

British mobile network operator (MNO) EE, a subsidiary of BT Group, has named 19 new locations where it has made its 5G network available while noting that it now covers more than 60% of the population with the latest generation of mobile broadband connectivity. In terms of the new locations where the MNO’s 5G network has been switched on, these comprise: Abergavenny, Banbury, Basildon, Beverley, Chepstow, Coatbridge, Corby, Cwmbran, Immingham, Llanelli, Margate, Preston, Reading, Shrewsbury, Slough, Tewkesbury, Warrington, Windsor and Wishaw.

Looking ahead, EE has set out its stall to make 5G available ‘anywhere in the UK’ by 2028, saying it intends to do so ‘through a combination of permanent 5G coverage across 90% of the UK landmass and on-demand solutions available anywhere beyond’.