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edotco: TIP’s strategic initiatives to provide 5G/4G in-building solutions in Malaysia

edotco Group has announced a strategic initiative with Telecom Infra Project (TIP) to deploy six pilot in-building solutions with a Neutral Host model and shareable 4G and 5G small cells in identified iconic buildings in Malaysia.

Among selected iconic buildings are the KL International Airport, KL Sentral and Merdeka 118, it said in a statement.

The leading integrated telecommunications infrastructure services company in Asia said the group has signed a market trial agreement with TIP to enhance product offerings to communities all over the Asia-Pacific and the world, commencing the pilot phase with cities in Malaysia.

“This initiative will start in Malaysia as part of a series of pilots before making the 5G connection accessible to a broader part of the region in the next three years.

“This effort will provide better indoor coverage for users, in tandem with the increasing requirement to generate more traffic in the next decade,” it said.

With the deployment of this solution, edotco said mobile users would be able to enjoy high speed, low latency and metaverse-ready Internet experience.

Through the initiative, TIP would provide strategic direction and technical know-how to improve global best practices for in-building solutions scalable worldwide.

edotco, on the other hand, would own, operate, manage and lease the infrastructure as a Neutral Host Network-As-A-Service (NaaS) model to telecom operators.

“Upon implementation success, edotco intends to roll out sharable small cells in mass quantities, replicated in other Asian markets within our footprint,“ said the company.

It added that the collaboration is a testament to edotco’s commitment to building more sustainable and equitable connectivity for nations regionally and globally.

Since its inception in 2012, edotco has established a regional portfolio of over 54,000 telecommunication towers across nine countries in South and Southeast Asia. - Bernama