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Telefonica to move 5G core network to the cloud

Telefonica Deutschland, which provides services under the brand name O2, has announced plans to move its 5G core network to the cloud in the future.

With its software-based 5G cloud core network, the operator says it wants to deploy and make updates in the network faster and provide new networking solutions for private and business customers. Telefonica is using the 5G cloud core network to: deploy and test real-world customer applications and networking solutions for mobile broadband, network slicing, real-time applications and private 5G networks in a testing environment; optimise performance; and prepare the network for live operations. For operations, Telefonica is leveraging Google Cloud’s infrastructure and deploying Google Distributed Cloud Edge in its data centre. The functions of the 5G core network, provided by the dual-mode 5G Core from Ericsson, are based entirely on software. Through Google Distributed Cloud Edge, Telefonica will be able to bring Google Cloud’s infrastructure and services closer to where data is being generated and consumed within its 5G core network.

‘With our new 5G cloud core network, we are going in an innovative and particularly forward-looking way,’ said Mallik Rao, Chief Technology and Information Officer (CTIO) at Telefonica Deutschland, adding: ‘The cloud is a true game changer in 21st century digital connectivity. It enables us to bring innovations to market faster, flexibly manage the computing power we need, and deliver new 5G applications to our consumers and business customers alike. We can leverage the full potential of 5G, cloud and automation. Together with our partners Ericsson and Google Cloud, we are pioneering the network of the future.’