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Avaya joins SAMENA Council to support industry advocacy and explore partnerships in creating game-changing digital experiences across industries

SAMENA Telecommunications Council has announced that Avaya, a global leader in solutions to enhance and simplify communications and collaboration, has joined its membership of leading communications service providers and technology providers.

Bocar BA, welcoming Avaya to the SAMENA Council membership, stated that “Avaya’s cloud communications and workspace collaborative expertise across the telecommunications, education, healthcare, media, financial services, and public sectors provide an ideal opportunity for Avaya and SAMENA Council to build knowledge, voice issues relevant to these sectors, explore new business opportunities for Avaya, and create new advocacy and partnership potential with the Council’s membership as well as the South Asia – Middle East- North Africa region.”

With over 90,000 customers in over 190 countries, Avaya is shaping what’s next for the future of work, with innovations and partnerships that reimagine the ways people and businesses engage with and experience the world. Avaya’s multi-cloud application ecosystem power personalized, intelligent, and effortless customer and employee experiences. And its packaged communications and collaboration applications and APIs can be combined to compose AI-enabled total experiences that each interaction and moment demands.

“SAMENA Telecommunications Council is doing fantastic work in creating a sustainable ICT environment and broadening value creation in key vertical industries. We’re proud to be a part of this vibrant community, and look forward to contributing to the council’s efforts in helping to enable digital transformation across the South Asia-Middle East-North Africa region,” said Nour Al Atassi, Director - Service Providers, Avaya.

With its established and industry-wide recognized aim of addressing telecoms ecosystem priorities, enabling access to greater region-wide collaboration in digitalization and digital transformation, SAMENA Council actively advocates on behalf of its members and engages closely with private-sector stakeholders, including regional operators and regulators, and policymakers. SAMENA Council is pursuing improved policymaking, agile regulation, and close collaboration among the digital ecosystem players, and is using its internal advocacy support mechanism as well as collaborated knowledge-creation highlights among government and private-sector stakeholders' issues, such as those relating to spectrum, need for accelerated digitization and sustainability in digital development, investments, operations, and the environment.

Source: Press Release