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Digitel becomes a Cloud Telco to meet the needs of its 8 million customers

The president of Digitel, Luis Bernardo Pérez, presented a balance of the operator's achievements in this year that is soon to end, as well as the actions that are being carried out so that during 2023 new products and services can be offered that satisfy the needs of a market increasingly avid for technology.

During the meeting, Pérez highlighted the recent launches, among which International Long Distance and eSIM stand out, whose commercialization is already found throughout the national territory, also pointing out the upcoming release of international data roaming for prepaid customers; while pointing out the progress of Digitel's central network, with the installation of an IP Core and two data centers located in Caracas and Valencia, with a geo-redundant configuration, to connect all of Venezuela in the cloud and turn Digitel into a TelcoCloud that allows us to offer better products and new lines of business.

He also pointed out the need to place more radio base stations throughout the country "as part of the improvement of our network, we plan to place around 900 stations in the next 48 months and that together with the ones we currently have, this would add up to 3,000 stations, in an aggressive plan to provide a service in line with market needs” … “we are focused on having a more robust 4G LTE network, which will lead to the opening of voice over IP or VoLTE services in the short term, which will allow decongestion the 3G network offering a greater experience in voice services and substantially improving your experience”.

The operator emphasized its commitment to the quality of the service it provides to its users and is focusing its actions on the quality of the network and the management carried out by its customers. In this regard, Pérez commented "our focus is the customer as the center of our actions, that is why we are implementing an analytical CRM to obtain the tools and processes that allow us to identify their consumption patterns, their tastes and their needs, in order to offer an even more personalized value proposition focused on omnichannel, where the user experience is really good regardless of the channel that serves it”.

During 2022, the telecommunications company has focused its efforts on updating and modernizing, setting the tone thanks to important launches and a vision marked by technological development and innovation, to continue this 2023 with a virtualized platform that allows much more efficient management. effective so that your customers have an experience that meets their customer service and communication needs.

This and all the information about Digitel is available on its website as well as on its social networks @digitel412 on Instagram and Digitel 412 on Facebook.