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People of Oman are getting more value for their money: Vodafone CEO

Despite being a new entrant in Oman’s vibrant telecom arena, Vodafone is nevertheless driving the pace of technology adoption and innovation in the domestic industry, prompting established rivals to take steps to stay abreast.

Bader Al Zidi, the Vodafone CEO, said: “Vodafone was selected from a handful of reputable international brands because of its connection to 5G globally, as well as its commitment to digitalisation.

"As a sound international strategic partner, Vodafone was seen as capable of contributing to positive disruption in the otherwise saturated Omani telecom market and driving value creation.

“We’ve also seen that overall retail prices of their products and services have eased slightly since we launched operations. People are getting more value for their money.

"So the idea behind bringing Vodafone to Oman was not designed to enhance value creation for consumers only, but crucially also to help create a positive outlook for the Omani telecom sector. After all, we are the world’s second largest telecom operator.”

Vodafone’s launch in Oman, said the CEO, has also boosted efficiency and cost optimisation across operations of the operators.

“Competing on the revenue front against a small, lean and agile operator coming into the market would obviously be difficult, so they invested in network upgrades, improved efficiency and also began to fast-track their digital journey. This is our indirect contribution to the growth of a sound sector.”