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CST announces that stc has won both channels in the spectrum auction for NTN 2100 MHz band

​The Communications, Space and Technology Commission (CST) announces the final results of its Spectrum Auction in the 2100 MHz band for Non-Terrestrial Networks.

The auction started on 30 November 2022 and lasted for (3) days. The 4 qualified bidders in the auction competed for the two available spectrum blocks over the course of 32 bidding rounds. The auction ended with stc winning both spectrum blocks. Those blocks will require the license holder to build an Air to Ground (A2G) network covering the air routes in the Kingdom with internet services, as well as to provide mobile satellite services (MSS) across the Kingdom.

The auction is a key component to achieving CST’s mission to enable innovative NTN technologies and to cover rural and remote areas in the Kingdom with the best telecom services. The auction was designed to incentivize the deployment of NTN technologies, promote investments in the ICT sector and emphasize the Kingdom’s global leadership in enabling the most modern satellite technologies.