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Egypt’s NTRA financed development of rural villages

The National Telecom Regulatory Authority (NTRA) has financed the development of Egyptian rural villages by L.E. 150 million, and about 600 million are expected to be dispersed during the fiscal year 2022/2023.

During a meeting with the Parliament’s Planning and Budget Committee, to discuss the draft plan and NTRA’s general budget, Vice President of NTRA, Ashraf Hosni, said that about “381 million pounds were spent on spreading communications services on roads and areas deprived of them, and it is expected that about half a billion pounds will be spent during 2022/ 2023.”

NTRA’s funding of countryside’s development in Egypt comes in the framework of the presidential development initiative of “Haya Karima,” or as it translates to “Dignified life.”

He added that Egypt has made progress in the financial inclusion index to become among the ten fastest growing countries in the field of digital inclusion among 82 countries.

Hosni also explained that the budget of the National Telecom Regulatory Authority came in accordance with general trends and in light of the state’s 2030 strategy, which aims to achieve sustainable development, and the budget has been prepared in accordance with the laws, regulations and decisions regulating the preparation of the budgets of public and economic bodies.


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