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Dish Home launches campus WiFi for crowded areas

Nepal’s based DTH & Internet service provider Dish Home has launched Campus WiFi. This Wireless internet technology will be implemented in crowded areas such as colleges, malls, and others to alleviate clogged networks on normal broadband connections.

The technology connects multiple Access Points (APs) to form a single network to spread the signal at a particular area.

“We brought the technology to offer WiFi in crowded areas, malls, colleges, universities, schools, business houses, and others,” Dish Home Assistant General Manager Manoj Dhwaj Kshetri said.

In crowded areas or facilities, a lot of people connect their devices to available WiFi. However, the coverage may turn sluggish once they move farther off the router. If possible, they reconnect with another WiFi network for an uninterrupted connection. With Campus WiFi (Campus Area Network), the issue will subside.

Campus WiFi works by combining various switches and routers and forming a single network to deliver the signal. The same signal spreads around the area of its implementation. The result is consistent coverage with a broadband connection. WiFi users do not have to bother connecting to other networks while roaming around the area.

The Campus WiFi delivers a uniform network strength around the area. “This rids the issue of fluctuating performance from one to another place”, Kshetri says.

He also says the technology will soon arrive at the Nepali market. This will end the need to set up separate routers or networks for each department in colleges, malls, and schools.

Just recently Dish Home has also announced the launch of WiFi 6 in Nepal, the next-gen WiFi technology with a potential 9.6 Gbps download speed. The news came out at the Huawei Connect 2021 Nepal event organized by Huawei Nepal on November 16.