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SpeedChecker: Demand for 5G expected to grow as 5G is launched in Oman

SpeedChecker, the mobile crowdsourcing company released a new report (June 2021) on the performance of mobile networks in Oman. This report is part of an ongoing commitment from SpeedChecker to benchmark true user experience. The SpeedChecker report has been compiled using data from 38,874 unique mobile devices performing 56,838 tests in 3 weeks in June 2021.

There has been little change in Oman mobile speeds since our previous report in December 2020. There is nothing to choose between Omantel and Ooredoo with both offering excellent speeds in excess of 20 Mb/s. These speeds are set to improve as Omantel have followed up their successful tests of 5G in June with the first launch of 5G in Oman in September. This launch is in alignment with the ITU’s goals of Growth, Inclusiveness, Sustainability, Innovation and Partnership (ITU Connect 2030).

Ooredoo is working with Nokia to deploy FWA (Fixed Wireless Access) to offer 4G and 5G experience. They are also continuing to expand 1Gb FTTH to two new locations.

A report by Ericsson ConsumerLab has highlighted the need for the consumers in Oman to be better informed about the benefits of 5G to encourage uptake. The report states that 20 per cent more smartphone users would have taken up 5G had the knowledge gap been addressed.

The full report including data collection & measurement methodology can be found here.