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Rostelecom opens new data center in Moscow

Russia’s national telecommunications operator Rostelecom announced that it has commissioned a new data center NORD-6 in Moscow.

"With the total area of 3,000 sqm, the new facility allows for 207 racks located in two machine halls, and a power capacity of 5MW. One of the key features of the new center is the group of racks with an increased power capacity of 20MW," said a press release from the Russian telco.

The NORD campus meets the Uptime Institute Tier III standards for infrastructure functionality and capacity. With all reserved infrastructure systems in place, it allows for uninterrupted maintenance and better connectivity thanks to independent continuous electricity supply, refrigeration, ventilation, telecommunication lines, fire extinguishers, and monitoring, to meet the performance levels businesses depend on.

Clients will benefit from a full range of geographically distributed services such as collocation, telecommunication, IaaS and could services, backup and recovery solutions, administration, information security, and others.

Yuri Samoilov, Deputy Director-General of Rostelecom Data Center and Director General of Dataline: “The shortage in data cater power capacity in the Moscow market is the key driver for us in fulfilling clients’ growing demand to our best ability. Having expanded the NORD facility, we are working on commissioning of the first queue of Tier IV data centers with a total project capacity of 2,000 racks.”

The new data center is part of Rostelecom’s NORD facility and is the sixth data center just added to the existing power capacity of 3,764 racks. Rostelecom’s Data Centre Engineering Hub brings the expertise and competence of DataLine and Rostelecom Data Centers to provide maintenance and service to the facility.