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Saudi Space Commission launches Space Hackathon

he Saudi Space Commission has announced the opening of registration for the Space Hackathon.
The event aims to attract innovators and developers to qualify for the NASA International Space Apps Challenge next month and to participate in providing developmental and innovative solutions to the challenges facing Earth and space.

The hackathon will be held from Sept. 30 to Oct. 2 and will offer financial prizes of SR200,000 ($53,000).

The Saudi Space Commission demonstrates the aligned vision of creating better, secure environments for its citizens.

In August, the commission launched a training camp to introduce high school students to space sciences and technologies.

The initiative was part of its efforts to prepare future astronauts and engineers and attract talent through quality training programs.

The camp linked school maths and physics curricula to space sciences. It provided participants with an applied learning experience for three hours every day for a total of 30 hours.