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More than 3 million electronic gamers in Saudi Arabia

Statistical reports have revealed a significant growth in the electronic gaming sector, positioning it as an independent technological economy in itself. It is expected for the total value of this sector to reach approximately USD 6.3 billion in 2021 in the Middle East, of which USD 820 million is in the GCC.

The Newzoo report indicates that the number of gamers in the MENA region exceeds 200 million, while the number of electronic gamers in Saudi Arabia surpasses 3 million users and followers.

stc Group, which seeks to expand in a number of new and unconventional paths, has launched the stcplay platform through its strategic partnership with the Saudi Arabian Federation for Electronic Sports, to give players the opportunity to compete in electronic sports and game tournaments, in addition to browsing through game-related content, and communicating with other players. They will also be granted access to numerous innovative features designed to provide the best gaming experience. Players will be able to create profiles and register using a variety of different methods, in addition to searching, joining and creating tournaments for different games, side by side with offering every player with a personal dashboard to follow-up on events and tournaments, and to receive notifications.

stcplay allows players to participate in tournaments hosted by the platform, providing them with opportunities to win cash prizes, and to compete in order to reach the Leaderboard to display players’ rankings in various games. Players will also be given access to a vast library of gaming content that contains a large number of articles, the latest news, updates and all of the most prominent tournaments. Moreover, players will be provided with recommendations for articles and tournaments based on their preferences.

stcplay is one of the world’s leading companies that have entered the field of electronic gaming platforms, and the stc platform strategy stems from its vision related to leading the community of gamers throughout the MENA region, by offering innovative services to better meet the needs of players, and by adding a larger dimension to the experiences of players and the sports sector, along with providing opportunities for competitors to participate in tournaments, and to browse game related content, and to create ways for communicating with other players; as well as innovative features in providing services to the various levels of those that are interested in the electronic games sector, whether they are companies or event organizers.

In confirmation of its commitment to providing the appropriate infrastructure and environment for gamers in the Kingdom, stc Group has recently won the Platinum Operator Award for the best service providers for electronic games during the first half of 2021, according to the “Game Mode” report for the second quarter issued by the Communications and Information Technology Commission. This was accomplished by achieving the highest average points related to measuring a set of criteria, most notably hosting electronic games locally, reducing the amount of time required to access the most prominent electronic games, supporting packages for service providers of electronic games, and providing technical and educational support to the players of the games.

It is important to note that the stc platform hosts the activities of the Saudi Arabian Federation of Electronic Sports, whilst also participating in the games that are supported by the Federation. This is aligned with the platform’s strategy aimed at leading a community of electronic sports and games enthusiasts and professionals in the MENA region, by providing innovative services to better meet the needs of players. As such, stcplay participated as a distinguished sponsor in the global charity initiative “Players without Borders”, which was organized by the Saudi Arabian Federation of Electronic Sports, with its total prizes reaching USD 10 million, and the entire proceeds generated by the event were directed to support efforts for combating the Coronavirus pandemic.

Source: stc Press Release