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solutions by stc partners with PASS to provide cutting edge parking management solutions

solutions by stc, the specialized business arm of Kuwait Telecommunications Company – stc , has partnered with local smart parking solutions provider, “PASS”, to offer a range of cutting-edge parking management solutions.

solutions by stc released a statement noting that the newfound partnership will help expand the Company’s product line as it enters a new market segment to further expand its digital product line. Considering that parking management solutions in itself is a new market segment, PASS has been a local pioneer in providing such services with a successful track record of accomplishments. Through this collaboration, solutions by stc will be the exclusive provider of this innovative technology to both B2B and commercial segments on behalf of PASS, while providing additional services to support SMEs in adopting this streamlined solution. The addition of this service under solutions by stc aims to further diversify the Company’s offering portfolio, expand its market reachability, and provide customers with customized solutions based on their unique requirements.

The smart parking solution integrates several technologies to digitize the user experience when entering and exiting parking structures. The Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) device enables smart parking by using an optical character recognition to read vehicle license plates and store data on all vehicle movement both in and out of the structure.

The smart parking solution is designed for pay-to-park parking structures and is a perfect solution for both employees and employers to keep track of all parking related information. Through the ‘subscription system’, employers will be able to manage parking spaces efficiently, while eliminating the use of parking tickets, payment by cash, or any unnecessary human interaction. This feature helps eliminate all contact associated with entering and leaving a parking structure, serving as a valuable feature considering the ongoing pandemic and social distancing.

Another feature included in the application is ‘pre-booking’. Pre-booking allows users to reserve a parking spot in advance before arriving to the parking structure. While users will not be able to reserve a specific spot, they will be designated a vacant spot in a near by location, still saving valuable time during busy times.

By using modern and innovative technological solutions, solutions by stc currently provides an extensive offering line for corporate customers, assisting them in their digital transformation journey. The Company applies a design thinking approach while collaborating with market leaders to provide its customers with effective tools that can enhance efficiency. As a business solutions provider, solutions by stc also offers a range of connectivity solutions, fixed or wireless services, 5G technology, ICT, IoT and the IT products and services. The Company also launched the 5G LIVEBUS, a safe and smart bus solution supported by 5G connectivity to provide a safe and convenient method of transportation for passengers.

The Company commented that it is proud to partner with an innovative provider that has a proven track record in applying smart parking solutions within the local market. The addition of such solutions will widen solutions by stc’s offering line following its commitment to provide customers with integrated and innovative solutions that enable digitization across multiple operational aspects and sectors.

solutions by stc aims to continue exploring new alternative methods of applying digital and tech-based concepts that can greatly enhance the efficiency and productivity of existing activities. As the digital era continues to expand through transformative milestones, the Company aims to keep pace with the rapidly evolving tech-world and become the gateway to its customers’ appetite for digital innovation.

Source: stc Press Release