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Personal and security robots serve pilgrims

stc Group has launched a series of smart robot technologies taht aim at increasing the efficiency of this Hajj Season in 1442H and developing a reference experience for the coming Hajj Seasons through shortening the effort and time and providing safety for the pilgrims. The company enhances the utilization of smart robot technologies, which is no longer limited to specific sectors. As part of the digital transformation journey, where the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia realized great milestones, stc continues to introduce the latest innovations in the area of artificial intelligence (AI), robotics and 5G communications to provide an integrated ecosystem that makes the Hajj rituals easier for pilgrims.

stc offered two types of robots to be used in Mecca. The first robot is featured as a personal robot, while the other is a security robot. The personal robot works using 3D technology and is equipped with a screen, camera and microphone, as it can move among and talk to pilgrims, answer their inquiries and provide guidance and advice. It further enhances communication among individuals under the circumstances of remote work and social distancing imposed by Covid-19 pandemic.

The security robot is dedicated to follow up and monitor the compliance with the precautionary and preventive measures that the pilgrims must follow as per the applicable health protocols. It can measure the human temperature and monitor the mask wearing through its AI technologies. Further, it undertakes site sanitization on a continuous basis, where it can be controlled and operated remotely through the Monitoring and Control Platform.

Furthermore, stc enhanced “Augmented Reality” technology (AR) together with its efforts to expand and deploy (5G) technology across Holy Sites. Such AR technology is an interactive experience based on the latest technologies where the user can deal with the information and objects that reside in the virtual world and see the surrounding world through mobile devices such as smartphone or through wearable devices such glasses and contact. Such technology contributes to the enhancement of Hajj and Umrah experience and provides virtual guide for circumambulation (“Tawaf”), information about the directions to the main sites and first-hand information about the Holy Mosque.

In each Hajj season, stc aspires to serve and provide comfort to the pilgrims through adopting new, smart and innovative ways, introducing unique experiences and enriching the pilgrims’ religious and cultural experience in alignment with the digital transformation plans as per Vision 2030.

Source: STC Press Release