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FTTH drives Portuguese broadband growth

FTTH accounted for over half (56.4%) of the 4.2 million fixed broadband connections in Portugal in the first quarter.

This, according to the regulator ANACOM, was 4.7pp higher than in the same period last year.

Meanwhile, cable internet access accounted for 28.6% of the total, down 1.3pp on a year earlier, and ADSL 8.1%, down 25.5% as they were replaced buy new generation accesses.

Fixed accesses supported on mobile networks increased by 3.6% and accounted for 6.8% of total accesses.

The total number of fixed broadband accesses in Q1 was 4.8% higher than a year earlier.

In subscriber number terms, Meo accounted for the highest number of residential accesses (39%) in Q1, followed by Grupo NOS (37.0%), Vodafone (19.9%), and Nowo (3.8%).

The shares of Vodafone and Meo increased by 0.8 pp and 0.2 pp respectively, while the shares of Grupo NOS and Nowo decreased by 0.7pp. and 0.2pp respectively.