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stc provides Kuwaitis with an opportunity to join the telecom world

Kuwait Telecommunications Company – stc, a world-class digital leader providing innovative services and platforms to customers, enabling the digital transformation in Kuwait, renews its open invitation to aspiring Kuwaiti individuals who would like to join stc’s talented team and gain experience in the telecom and digital solutions world.

stc announced during a roundtable, attended by local media representatives, that it is keen to attract and employ talented Kuwaiti individuals from different fields and backgrounds, starting with fresh graduates up to senior executives. stc indicated that it is welcoming applicants across various fields and sectors, including technical and specialized positions dealing with strategy, marketing, technology and human resources, in line with its commitment to attract and recruit local Kuwaiti talent.

During the roundtable, stc’s Human Resources team, led by Chief Human Resources Officer, engineer Ahmad Al Hammad, answered queries related to the Company’s focused recruitment strategy to hire talented Kuwaiti individuals. Below are more details from the roundtable:

Q: What are some of stc’s competitive advantages that can aid in attracting talented Kuwaitis?

stc offers growth to employees through state of the art learning and development platforms to expand their skillsets and provide them with opportunities to advance in their career within the company. The company also recognizes and rewards employees that excel in their performance and achievements through various rewards and recognition programs.

Following the launch of its new brand, stc focused on redefining its strategy towards enabling digital transformation across different sectors. The transformation was carried out internally and externally to enrich the experience of the employees and customers. This resulted in an improved digital experience to employees where the company focuses on digitizing all employee transactions.

In hand with its strategy to support the Kuwaiti society and economy, stc emphasized its efforts towards attracting motivated and talented Kuwaiti individuals through its various internships and internal development programs.

Q: What are the key pillars of your HR strategy to attract Kuwaiti talents?

The HR strategy is based on a vision to attract talents and provide them with opportunities to grow within the company to reach their full potential. The strategy is also focusing on culture and digital experience of the employee, especially during the COVID-19 crisis.

The culture transformation the company went through following the launch of its 3D values (dynamism, drive and devotion) aimed at creating synergies between teams, with the ultimate objective of achieving the company’s strategy, while promoting self-development, gaining knowledge, experience and technical expertise.

As part of the strategy, stc focuses on offering continuous learning and development programs, which aided in supporting the key pillars throughout the past period. The Company has now effectively implemented its e-learning programs through various recognized international institutions, such as LinkedIn Learning and Gartner, to continue offering employees with training and development opportunities.

Additionally stc have developed an internal recruitment platform under the name of Khatwa. Khatwa program is designed to not only strengthen an employee’s career path but also to establish a career network by providing opportunities to experience different roles within the Company. This allows individuals to gain vast experience and knowledge regarding the operational and technical aspect of the Company, while developing their leadership skills.

stc is proud to be part of a regional group that follows international standards within its industry, allowing its employees to widen their knowledge base and gain experience to the highest levels in line with the best global organizations

Q: What are your goals when it comes to enabling digital transformation and how will this benefit the company and local community?

Primarily, stc’s digital transformation strategy aims to enrich the lives of its individual and corporate customers by providing innovative solutions through our latest products and services available in the telecom and digital world. To achieve this strategy the company focused on enriching the digital experience internally with the employees through the employee portal, performance management system and various other digital tools and channels.

The importance of this vision became more evident since the global Coronavirus outbreak, as the Company managed to continue its operations interruption-free during the full lockdown period. This was achieved by implementing remote working protocol for all employees that was supported by the digital platforms which allowed each employee to carry out their day to day tasks and operations remotely without any impact. stc is proud to be the fastest and most effective to adapt the remote work process and culture for its employees in Kuwait, which was accomplished by the dedication and flexibility of our employees and the digital cultural transformation the company went through.

Q: What can you tell us about the Company’s performance culture?

stc strongly believes in empowering its employees to achieve their full potential. The company’s culture is performance oriented that aims at enabling the employees to achieve their goals in alignment with the company’s strategy. The performance management system and culture go hand in hand with competitive rewards and recognition schemes that are part of the company’s strategy to reward and recognize top performers.

Q: Is your current recruitment strategy limited to experienced professional, or does it include recent graduates as well?

stc's recruitment strategy aims to attract talented Kuwaiti individuals who are interested in developing their careers, regardless of their age or level of experience. The Company welcomes talents from all levels of experience, starting with fresh graduates, and going up to senior level executives. We at stc strongly believe the local talents are the future of any organization, and we are fully committed to the Kuwaitization initiative in the private sector. The Kuwaiti talents have proved yet again to be innovative and the huge potential they have to grow and become future leaders.

stc welcomes applicants across various fields and sectors, including technical and specialized positions dealing with strategy, communications, technology and human resources, in line with its strategy to attract and recruit local Kuwaiti talent.

Q: How can interested applicants reach you?

Applicants interested in joining stc family can submit their applications with ease through stc’s recruitment website:

The careers page is supported by world best practice in talent acquisition platforms. The webpage also showcases some of our attractive benefits and values to give a glimpse of our corporate culture and competitive advantage.

Through our talent acquisition platform, interested applicants can apply for vacant positions related to their profile. The platform is designed to create a best match between the applicants and the available job posts. We thrive to enable talents to join the stc family and build their careers through stc’s learning and development platform and the career network within the company.

Source: stc Press Release