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Morocco enjoys fast, responsive and good value mobile Internet

SpeedChecker, the mobile crowdsourcing company released a new report on the performance of mobile networks in Morocco. This report is part of an ongoing commitment from SpeedChecker to benchmark true user experience. The SpeedChecker report has been compiled using data from 105,765 mobile devices performing 147,819 tests in one week in May 2021.

The report confirms Morocco’s place as having one of the fastest mobile network services in the African continent. Maroc Telecom has approximately 50% of the market share and their customers are well-served with an average download of 28 Mb/s. Inwi and Orange both produce excellent results at nearly 20 Mb/s. All three return sub-100ms latency times meaning that customers in Morocco enjoy fast and responsive mobile internet access.

Not only are the speeds impressive but the cost is low as well with Morocco placed 45th in the world for the cost of mobile Internet.

In June 2021 Maroc and Orange partnered with Huawei to supply 1500 tablets to students in rural areas including 20Gb of free data. This is part of the commitment by the Ministry of Education to ensure continued quality of education during the COVID pandemic.

The full report including data collection & measurement methodology can be found here.

Maroc Telecom is strong everywhere in Morocco whereas Inwi performs better in the south and Orange better in the north east.