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SpeedChecker issues results of speed performance in Lebanon

SpeedChecker, the mobile crowdsourcing company released a new report on the performance of mobile networks in Lebanon. This report is part of an ongoing commitment from SpeedChecker to benchmark the true user experience in the Middle East. The SpeedChecker report has been compiled using data from 16,725 mobile devices performing 46,469 tests in March 2021.

The full report including data collection & measurement methodology can be found here.

Lebanese consumers are well-served in terms of both speed and latency following the continued expansion of 4G. This will improve further when the 5G service (currently available in Beirut airport) is expanded. Although fixed internet provision and performance is increasing as part of 2020 Telecom Vision it is the mobile performance that is most significant, as shown in these results.

This impressive performance has been achieved by both Alfa and Touch in Lebanon with each of them averaging in excess of 30 Mb/s download and excellent sub-90ms latency.