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solutions by stc partners with eMushrif to provide innovative transportation solutions

Kuwait Telecommunications Company – stc, a world-class digital leader providing innovative services and platforms to customers, enabling the digital transformation in Kuwait, announced that its specialized business arm solutions by stc has partnered with eMushrif, an Omani based company that specializes in IoT and AI technology catered to the transportation industry through its Kuwaiti branch, to provide its corporate customers with customized transportation management systems, in addition to smart and safety solutions designed for HR systems.

In its statement, solutions by stc noted that its new formed partnership will aid the Company in leveraging and expanding its digital solutions, offering advanced tracking, smart attendance, and management systems to schools, private companies, and government institutions. The new systems, developed in-house by eMushrif, will allow seamless tracking and monitoring of multiple parameters that can enhance trip efficiency, maintain rider safety, and report key indicators to the user. The solution consists of hardware installed on transportation vehicles, specialized key cards, as well as an interactive easy-to-use App that provides regular updates and trip details.

Through the dedicated App, users will be able to check real-time locations of passengers, estimated time of arrival, previous trip details, attendance, boarding history, and receive notification related to each trip. Originally designed for students, some of the features were added to keep parents informed of their children’s whereabouts but have been adapted and redefined to suit the needs of corporate customers as well. System admins will gain access to a summary of all connected vehicles, receive over speed notification, triggered alarms, and visual inspection updates, in addition to detailed reports on every completed trip including passenger boarding and drop off timings.

solutions by stc also reported a specially designed system for the oil and gas sector, called “Rehlati”. The smart solution aims to fully digitize the trip experience using innovative hardware and a customized mobile App. Contractors using the service or other riders will be able to book trips, receive e-tickets, manage their bookings, and contact admin support if necessary.

The Company emphasized that smart transportation management systems can greatly enhance the trip experience for riders while allowing institutions to keep track of their fleet effectively. By digitizing the experience, generated data will lead to higher productivity and better management of transportation services, with areas of improvement indicated through summary reports. Contact tracing will also enable institutions to take necessary action to reduce the likeliness of spreading infection and apply the appropriate guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health. solutions by stc believes that by adopting this system, institutions will have a better grasp of their fleets and effectively implement a key area within their digital transformation strategy.

In addition, a smart time attendance system has been launched, as an ideal alternative to fingerprint and face recognition software to track employee attendance. This system is considered an additional service provided by solutions by stc to help companies and schools achieve their goals regarding combating the Coronavirus pandemic, provided that the company provides information in a way that contributes to mitigating the risks of infection spreading within companies and across the local community.

By using modern and innovative technological solutions, solutions by stc currently provides an extensive offering line for corporate customers, assisting them in their digital transformation journey. The Company applies a design thinking approach while collaborating with market leaders to provide its customers with effective tools that can enhance efficiency. As a business solutions provider, solutions by stc introduced many 5G innovations which utilized 5G technology and coverage in addition to the AI technology, 5G LIVEBUS is one of these innovations. It is a custom-made innovation outfitted with state-of-the-art security solutions to keep you updated in real time, while monitoring the safety of the passengers. Moreover, solutions by stc offers a range of connectivity solutions, fixed or wireless services, 5G technology, ICT, IoT and the IT products and services.

The strategic partnership further builds on solutions by stc’s commitment to provide its customers with integrated solutions that enable digitization across multiple operational aspects and sectors. The Company aims to explore new alternative methods that can greatly enhance the efficiency and productivity of existing activities with an objective to reap favorable outcomes for its valued customers.

Source: stc Press Release