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stc launches Kuwait national holiday celebrations with “Ezhalha”

Kuwait Telecommunications Company – stc, a world-class digital leader providing innovative services and platforms to customers, enabling the digital transformation in Kuwait, launched its Kuwait national holiday celebrations under “Ezhalha”, its new multi-faceted campaign. Under the Ezhalha umbrella, stc released its creative TVC, a nationwide campaign both online and throughout the streets of Kuwait, as well as an internal campaign for employees.

Ezhalha is a traditional Kuwaiti term used to express assurance and confidence that a task or request will be done, on the same lines as “consider it done” in the English language, reflecting how one can depend on the Kuwaiti people. The newly launched campaign aims not only to express the Company’s deeply rooted sense of nationalism, but also highlights talented Kuwaiti individuals who have dedicated their time and effort to spread a positive influence in the community. Additionally, through its multi-program initiative in celebration of the special days, stc aims to spread joy throughout the streets of Kuwait and through its digital platforms. The Company will host several competitions open to the public with prizes distributed to the lucky winners.

Under the Ezhalha umbrella, stc produced its TVC in collaboration with the beloved popular singer, Ibrahim AlHakami, as a dedication to the people of Kuwait, and the individuals included in the production who expressed their deep national pride in celebration of the country’s National and Liberation Days. stc took this opportunity to showcase several influential public figures that positively reflect the country’s qualities, two of which are stc employees - Aseel AlShaheen, an International Tennis Federation certified umpire in the GCC, and Mohammad AlMaraghi a player in Kuwait’s national hockey team. The production also displayed the courageous role of front-liners, not only during the pandemic, but indefinitely.

stc highlighted that the heroes who participated in the production, including the singer, used sign language as a form of expression, signifying that emotions and feelings can also be interpreted through body language.

Extending the celebration to its offices, stc launched a series of internal initiatives for its employees to commemorate Kuwait’s national holidays. Employees will get a chance to participate in activities and competitions that are aimed at highlighting the joyous occasion, with prizes distributed to the winners showcasing their national pride.

stc expressed its gratitude and appreciation to the teams at AM Agency and Vision Visuals for their collaborative efforts in conceptualizing and producing the TVC, which received widespread positive feedback from the public. The Company also thanked all the talented Kuwaiti individuals who participated in the production for their positive impact in the community, serving as role models to the younger generation. The Company extended a special thanks to the Ministry of Interior for their collaborative efforts, equestrienne Sherifa Alawadhi, local artist Hamad Al Humaidhan also known as ‘Young Picasso’ by BBC, Tarahom Volunteer Team, cross-fit athlete Fahad AlJarallah, Ibrahim Al Langawi and Abdulrahman Al Awadhi the Tennis National Team players and champions, ITF certified umpire Aseel AlShaheen, and Kuwait National Hockey Team player Mohammad AlMaraghi.

When implementing all its initiatives, stc ensures that all safety measures and social distancing protocols are considered and applied across its headquarters, branches, and at any external initiatives it participates in to mitigate the risk associated with the current pandemic.

Danah AlJasem, General Manager of Corporate Communications at stc said, “We would like to congratulate His Highness the Amir of Kuwait, Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, and His Highness the Crown Prince, Sheikh Mishal Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, may God protect and preserve them, on the celebration of Kuwait’s national holidays. In its role, stc is committed to continue giving back to its beloved country in various ways that help empower and strengthen the community. During celebratory occasions, such as the national holidays, stc is proud to showcase its love, devotion, and patriotism towards the people of Kuwait and the country.”

Commenting on the TVC, AlJasem expressed that the positive feedback generated from the public regarding the concept behind the production reflects the values that stc holds closely to its heart when dedicating a message of appreciation to the people of Kuwait. When it comes to Kuwait, stc will spare no effort to reflect the true appreciation and sense of attachment it holds to the country.

AlJasem added, “We dedicate this production to the people of Kuwait. Our focus was to bring to light some of the individuals that have had a positive impact on the community and carried the Kuwaiti flag across nations. We are proud to partake in this special occasion and greatly believe in the role the private sector plays in supporting the community and highlighting some of the talented individuals that have greatly influenced our society. In line with our mission to provide unwavering support to the local community and the people of Kuwait, stc will continue to participate in and implement initiatives that will leave a long lasting and beneficial impact for the future generations.”

To find out more about stc’s sponsorships, promotions, and events, follow stc’s official social media platforms, visit one of stc’s branches, download mystc mobile application, visit or contact the customer service center by dialing 102 for around the clock assistance.

Source: stc Press Release