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Etisalat recognises UAE’s frontline heroes with special offers

Etisalat announced the launch of its special offers as a token of appreciation for the selflessness and dedication of the UAE’s frontline heroes during this unprecedented period.

The special offers have been curated in collaboration with the Frontline Heroes Office that is working with partners across the UAE to recognise and celebrate frontline professionals who sacrifice and put themselves at risk to protect the people of the UAE. Etisalat’s offers aim to keep frontline heroes connected, allowing them to experience convenience and flexibility as well as enjoy access to a variety of value propositions.

Frontline heroes supporting the UAE’s response to COVID-19 should check with their employers to confirm that they are registered with the Frontline Heroes Office. Alternatively, they can verify if they are eligible by dialing the USSD code #48#. Those registered may visit the nearest Etisalat business centre across the UAE to learn more about the special offers they can avail.

Since its inception, more than 80,000 professionals have been registered with the Frontline Heroes Office, including healthcare practitioners, police, essential service providers, crisis managers, security and emergency service providers, humanitarian agencies, sterilisation personnel and volunteers.

Source: Etisalat Press Release