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"SAMENA Accelerator" on Digital Economy on November 25th to Bring Representation of Multiple Regional Economies and Global Industry Bodies to the Discussion

"SAMENA Accelerator" on Digital Economy on November 25th to Bring Representation of Multiple Regional Economies and Global Industry Bodies to the Discussion

Following last week's SAMENA Accelerator on expediting Fiber deployment efforts in the SA-ME-NA region as a necessary conduit for meeting connectivity needs of the future, SAMENA Telecommunications Council is reminding the Industry that, with the collaboration of Huawei Technologies Middle East, the next SAMENA Accelerator will take place tomorrow "November 25", focusing on "accelerating a sustainable digital economy".

The second SAMENA Accelerator summit has drawn confirmed representation from the League of the Arab States, Ministerial-level participation from the GCC and the South Asia region's transforming digital economies, as well as participation of renowned global ICT development and international cooperation development bodies.

The November 25th SAMENA Accelerator will also help identify key policy initiatives and focus areas, to help harness digital technologies in improving the socio-economic profile of the region, and to delineate that it is critical that the region's digital transformation and policy-making endeavors sustain progress on the implementation and fulfillment of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Recognizing the criticality of universal, secure, and affordable connectivity, for which expansion of ICT infrastructure is a pre-requisite and the fundamental enabler of development of the digital economy, the prevailing policy-level consensus among the region's policymakers underpins the need for developing frameworks that can help accelerate and measure the digital economy. The SAMENA Accelerator on Digital Economy will delve into enabling the sustainable Digital Economy imperative from multiple key enabling environment perspectives, to corroborate the urgency with which the right policies and governance frameworks should be expedited in the SA-ME-NA region. These should be built around key foundations, including Infrastructure, Policies and Regulations, Digital Skills, Financing and Capital, and Governance.

An underlying aim of the SAMENA Accelerator is also to provide the regional policymakers and regulatory authorities the confidence that the Private sector is fully ready to play its collaboration and partnership-driven role in fulfilling the global goal of Universal Digital Access and in furthering the Connect 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda of the United Nations.

Bocar BA, CEO and Board Member of SAMENA Council, while encouraging industry representatives and digitally-enabled businesses to participate in this SAMENA Accelerator, stated that: "Following confirmation of attendance from diverse economies within the SA-ME-NA region, and the participation of the Private Sector decision-makers as well as of globally-renowned think-tanks and agencies in this high-level discussion summit will showcase our collective interest to explore new horizons, and would truly reflect on the need to accelerate the digital economy in collaboration with key stakeholders, internal and international partners. This SAMENA Council and Huaewi collaborated effort is a part of a long-term industry commitment to furthering the cause for stakeholder inclusion, participation, and our goodwill to ensure we leave no one behind as the region witnesses accelerated pace in digital development."

If you wish to attend SAMENA Accelerator, please visit SAMENA Council's Web portal and register yourself. If you have already registered, you can view the LIVE Broadcast of SAMENA Accelerator using the registered email.


Source: SAMENA Press release